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SouthCoast Health: Watch Out for Diet Fads on Social Media

Monday, January 4th, 2021

Dietician healthy holiday recipes Savannah SouthCoast HealthSouthCoast Health experts explain here how to watch out for diet fads in the world of social media.

SouthCoast Health Dietetic Counselor Rebekah M. Laurance says: “It’s always a great idea to watch what you eat in the way of ensuring you stack your plate full with lean proteins, fruits, veggies, and whole grains. However, it’s not a great to limit what you eat and torture yourself when it comes to your diet. But that can be confusing to understand when celebrities or influences swear certain diets are the only way to get the body you’ve always dreamed of.”

Learn the four warning signs of a fad diet to avoid here. 

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SouthCoast Health: Tips to fight mindless eating during the holidays

Wednesday, December 16th, 2020

Dietician healthy holiday recipes Savannah SouthCoast Health

The holiday season equals celebration and delicious food. But staying healthy? Not so much.

But according to SouthCoast Health’s Registered Dietitian, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost.

“It is possible to eat with a healthy pattern the holiday season if you go into this time of year with a plan,” SouthCoast Health Registered Dietitian, Rebekah Laurance, RD, LD said. “It can be hard to stick to your goals this time of year. To combat this, go in prepared to deal with these indulgences. It is also important to recognize that having two or three days of less than ideal nutrition is not a good reason to give up on your goal! Get through the holidays, roll with it, and get back on your schedule.

Working hard to maintain healthy eating habits? Laurance offers tips to fight mindless eating and stay fit here. 

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Healthy holiday recipes from SouthCoast Health dietician

Tuesday, November 24th, 2020
Dietician healthy holiday recipes Savannah SouthCoast Health

SouthCoast Health Dietetic Counselor Rebekah Laurance

SouthCoast Health Dietetic Counselor Rebekah Laurance shares her favorite healthy holiday recipes.

Recipes include Salad with vinaigrette dressing; salad; healthier collard greens; whipped sweet potatoes with crumbly pecan topping.

Find SouthCoast Health dietician’s favorite holiday recipes here.


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(Savannah therapists) Binge Eating Disorder: Why Can’t I Stop Eating?

Monday, September 21st, 2020

Binge Eating disorder Low Country Therapists Savannah Counseling Counselors

Low Country Counseling in Savannah on Binge Eating Disorder

For those who struggle with binge eating, food can lead to anxiety and shame.

This eating pattern has many names: emotional eating, over-eating, compulsive eating, food addiction, etc. They all mean the same thing: that eating has become an adaptation to dealing with negative feelings and experiences. And then a terrible cycle ensues: eating, shame, and then fasting or dieting to “do better.” This cycle can feel lonely and endless. And hence the question, “Why Can’t I Stop Eating?”

The answer may be Binge Eating Disorder (BED). BED is the most common eating disorder, however it was only recently recognized officially.

Learn more about causes of BED, tips to reduce binge eating and 5 signs of binge eating disorder here.


Low Country Counseling in Savannah

If you or a loved one is in need of support, Low Country Counseling offers specialized therapy for individuals, moms, couples, families, and teens. Contact Low Country Counseling for any questions or to schedule an appointment. Help is available.

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(Savannah therapists) Low Country Counseling: 7 Ways to Eat Mindfully

Monday, July 27th, 2020

Savannah therapists counselors counseling Low Country Therapy

Low Country Counseling therapists on what is mindful eating

(Below is a guest post by Low Country Counseling in Savannah)

We have lost the connection of knowing when our bodies are hungry and when they have had enough to eat.

We have lost the insight of knowing what our bodies are needing because we can no longer “hear” what our bodies crave. We have moved to a state of Mind-Less Eating: a state of rushed, hurried eating of whatever food is convenient, regardless of whether or not we are even hungry. Mindless eating is not healthy for our bodies. It can lead to over-eating which may lead to physical discomfort and feelings of regret.

Mindful Eating allows us to slow down and re-connect with our bodies by using our senses each time we eat a snack or meal.

Learn more about what mindful eating is and seven ways to eat mindfully here.


If you or a loved one is in need of support, Low Country Counseling offers specialized therapy for Individuals, Moms, Couples, Families, and Teens. Contact Low Country Counseling for any questions you need answered or to schedule an appointment. Help is available. You are not alone.

Hope starts here.

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SouthCoast Health: Why You Should Always Reach for Water & The Dangers of Sugary Drinks

Wednesday, May 27th, 2020
southcoast health physicians savannah

SouthCoast Health’s Dr. Leland R. Dampier, III

Georgia is one of the top five states with the highest sugar consumption, with about one in three Georgian adults drinking soda a day.

“About half of the United States adult population drinks a soda a day,” SouthCoast Health Family Physician Leland Dampier, MD said.

“…But I’m sure if that more adults knew what they were doing to their bodies, they would work hard to never drink soda again.”

Learn about why you should not drink soda & the benefits of water here.

If you have any more questions about the negatives of soda or the benefits of water, click here to schedule an appointment with any of SouthCoast Health’s general physicians.

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SouthCoast Health: Tips to “Put Your Best Fork Forward” for National Nutrition Month

Tuesday, March 10th, 2020

SouthCoast Health March is National Nutrition Month. So the SouthCoast Health nutritionist team is offering advice to those trying to live a healthier lifestyle, bite by bite.

When asked about what two to three changes people should make in order to be healthier, SouthCoast Health’s nutritionist team immediately thought of how to approach eating your fruits and vegetables. Being more mindful of not only how many fruits and vegetables you eat in a day, but the way they’re prepared is important. Not only are most Americans not reaching their recommended daily intake, they’re also consuming vegetables that are prepared in unhealthy ways, such as being covered in sauces, excessive seasoning, or fried, which adds unwanted calories and saturated fat.

Learn more here.

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Flexibility & Mobility Workshop for moms & dads @ Hyperformance Athletics in Savannah  

Monday, February 17th, 2020

This is for the Moms and Dads.

Workshop Series @ Hyperformance Athletics in Savannah  this weekend. Open to the public!

At Hyperformance Athletics,  they believe everyone that works hard and wants to educate themselves about their body deserves to be fit and pain free.

Do you agree?

Hyperformance Athletics is hosting a workshop where you will be run through numerous movement assessments. These will give you a run down on exactly what you need to be doing to live a full pain free life. We know it is about more than exercise. What is your WHY? Children, spouse, genetic disease?

Register today for a spot in their upcoming Flexibility & Mobility workshop on Sat. Feb. 22, which will be 10:30AM-Noon.

Please wear clothes that you feel comfortable moving around in.

Find more details & register online here.

Flexibility and Mobility Workshop
Sat. Feb. 22 10:30AM
New Hyperformance Athletics location:
7805 Abercorn St.Ste 14E (White Bluff side)
Savannah, GA 3140

For additional questions, please email or call.

Email Coach Tracy:
Email Coach Tana:
Gym Phone Number: (912) 335-3615

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SouthCoast Health: Active ideas for you & your valentine

Monday, February 10th, 2020

SouthCoast Health Active Savannah SouthCoast Health experts have active ideas you and your sweetheart can do this weekend in Savannah to make up for those Valentine’s romantic dinners and chocolates.

See their active outings list here to do after your Valentine’s indulgences.

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SouthCoast Health General Physician: Tips for a healthier life

Friday, January 31st, 2020

Your typical to-do list: Get to work, spend time with your family, be as productive as possible, cook a good dinner, clean up the house, de-stress, and, if you’re lucky, squeeze in time to work out.

“For so many people, and Americans especially, the last piece in that long list of daily to-dos often gets overlooked,” SouthCoast Health General Physician Dr. Leslie Sizemore stated. “But keeping everything in our life running the way we want involves being kind to our bodies and keeping ourselves as healthy as possible. As easy as it is to skip working out and eating healthy, it can have negative effects on us in the long run.”

Find tips here on to how to strike a balance between work and life that includes developing healthy habits.

Kids’ fitness classes @ Hyperformance Athletics, Savannah

Tuesday, January 14th, 2020

Kids Hyperformance CrossFit Savannah fit

When kids enter the doors @ Hyperformance Athletics in Savannah , they can’t keep still.

Their natural instinct is to climb, swing, and explore.

For Hyperformance Athletics’ 1st – 5th grade classes, kids spend time hanging, jumping, and yes, going upside down. While it looks like play, they are developing movement patterns that pay off later in sports. They are building stamina and confidence.

Come see how Hyperformance Athletics makes fitness fun!

2020 class times are:

Mondays 3:30 -4:15PM
Wednesdays 3:30-4:15PM
Saturdays 10:15-11AM

First class is free.  Mom or Dad, you will need to fill out a waiver first, some come early!

(Ask about Hyperformance Athletics teen sports performance classes too!)

New Hyperformance Athletics location:
7805 Abercorn St.Ste 14E (White Bluff side)
Savannah, Georgia 3140

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SouthCoast Health physician: Making Healthy New Year’s Resolutions You Will Actually Keep

Monday, December 30th, 2019

southcoast health physician savannah

SouthCoast Health physician  Dr. Regina B. Dandy offers tips on how to make healthy New Year’s resolutions that you will actually keep here.

“We see a lot of patients asking questions about improving their overall health through lifestyle changes this time of year,” said SouthCoast Health physician Dr. Regina B. Dandy. “It’s really a great thing that so many people take the New Year mark as a time to think about their overall wellness and what they can do to improve, but the tricky part is actually changing your personal health habits.”

SouthCoast Health offers a wide array of services that can help you get there, including primary care physiciansnutritionistsphysical therapistsdiabetic counseling services, and more.

Learn more here.

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Free fitness classes @ Hyperformance Athletics Open House, Savannah

Wednesday, December 18th, 2019

Hyperformance Athletics Savannah

You are invited to take a free class or two at a Holiday Open House this weekend @ Hyperformance Athletics in Savannah 

The Open House will be Fri. Dec. 20 2019, 11AM – 2PM and Sat. Dec. 21 2020, 7:30AM – Noon.

Anyone is welcome to come tour Hyperformance Athletics new training facility, meet the coaches, and even take a free class or two (including kids’ classes)

Friday 12/20

30 minute classes at 11:30AM, 12:00PM, 12:30PM, and 1PM

Saturday 12/21 

60 minute classes at 7:30AM and 9AM

30 minute classes at 10:15 and 11AM

Kids class (1st – 5th grade) at 10:15AM

Youth Sports Development (middle and high school) at 10:20AM

Find the full open house schedule and details here. 

New Hyperformance Athletics location:
7805 Abercorn St.Ste 14E (White Bluff side)
Savannah, Georgia 3140

Savannah physician: How to stay fit during the holidays

Monday, December 16th, 2019

Savannah physicians healthcare SouthCoast

Pushing aside your wellness goals and exercise routine during the holiday season is not a good idea.

SouthCoast Health Primary Care Physician Dr. Robert Remler offers tips on how to jump start your healthy New Year’s Resolutions here.

“This time of year is infamous for skipping altogether daily exercise and calorie counting,” SouthCoast Health Primary Care Physician Dr. Robert Remler said. “It’s just as tempting to put weight loss and muscle building goals to the side until New Year’s rolls around, but waiting just makes everything a much harder and longer process.”

Get Dr. Remler’s tips on how to stay fit during the holidays  here. 

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SouthCoast Health Dietitian: Overcoming Obstacles to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Wednesday, November 27th, 2019

SouthCoast Health Nutritionist Elizabeth Hesley

Staying health during the holiday season is beyond tough.

But SouthCoast Health’s Registered Dietitian Elizabeth Hesley, MS RD LD can help you.

“It’s totally possible to eat healthily and responsibly during the holiday season if you go into this time of year with a plan,” SouthCoast Health Registered Dietitian, Elizabeth Hesley, MS RD LD said.

Learn how to overcome obstacles and stay healthy during the holidays here.

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SouthCoast Health physician: 4 Ways to Get Active With the Family This Holiday Season

Tuesday, November 19th, 2019

SouthCoast Health SouthCoast Health general practitioner Dr. Leland Dampier said holiday break is a good time to encourage active, healthy habits with your family.

Find tips here on how to get your family up and moving in Savannah.

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