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Low Country Counseling therapists on what is mindful eating

(Below is a guest post by Low Country Counseling in Savannah)

We have lost the connection of knowing when our bodies are hungry and when they have had enough to eat.

We have lost the insight of knowing what our bodies are needing because we can no longer “hear” what our bodies crave. We have moved to a state of Mind-Less Eating: a state of rushed, hurried eating of whatever food is convenient, regardless of whether or not we are even hungry. Mindless eating is not healthy for our bodies. It can lead to over-eating which may lead to physical discomfort and feelings of regret.

Mindful Eating allows us to slow down and re-connect with our bodies by using our senses each time we eat a snack or meal.

Learn more about what mindful eating is and seven ways to eat mindfully here.


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