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Survival Training classes for women & moms/daughters, Savannah

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014

Get off the X classes in Savannah

Universal Survival Innovations has added two new local training programs open to the public.

Get Off The X course for moms/daughters or fathers/sons

The first is an overnight course named “Get off the X” and is held at USI’s training facility in Cochran Ga. It is a very exciting course that trains fathers and sons or mothers and daughters to work as a team to satisfy their needs. This bonding experience is taught using techniques required for survival as if isolated in combat. Training includes camouflage and movement techniques, tactical navigation, water procurement, evasion fire craft, signaling/proof of life, defeating common restraints and culminates in an escape scenario.

If you can learn how to take care of yourselves like the Special Forces do, then surviving gets that much easier…and it’s a lot of fun. This is a gender based course so it’s either moms and daughters or dads and sons. Learn more here

Street Smarts class for women, youth groups

The second course is called “Street Smarts” and was originally designed for Women as a PROACTIVE protection course as opposed to the REACTIVE courses available, such as firearms training. “Street Smarts” is based on the concept that identifying a potential threat and responding to it is better than trying to fight off and survive an attack. “Street Smarts” includes lessons in surveillance detection, threat avoidance, defeating common restraints, dealing with security and getting to safety.

“Street Smarts” is a two day course which is perfect for traveling professionals, missionaries, mothers, and youth groups. It is held in either Savannah GA or Columbia SC.  Learn more here. 

Online classes

Online USI provides training through a division called ASIST – Applied SERE Instruction and Security Training. USI has online videos that address basic fire craft and improvised shelters. Several videos are in production and will be available in the near future. USI also has the capability of producing video training on custom subjects per clients’ request. USI videos can be previewed by clicking here. 

Custom survival kits

USI’s Custom survival kits support  their training and their clients. Their kits are in the hands of outdoor enthusiasts, military members and government agents such as those from the Department of Natural Resources; basically anyone who can find themselves isolated from immediate support/rescue.

The following kits have been the most popular among outdoor enthusiasts.

Basic Fire Craft Kit (shown below): currently being used in a new Fire Craft Program USI designed for the Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington and is being presented to the Girl Scouts of America.

The Personal Survival Kit Includes:

*MOLLE Pouch
*Opinel Knife and Ferrocerium Rod
*Shelter w/ 25’ 550 Cord
*Wetfire, Utility Flame, and USI tinders
*Signal Mirror w/ Whistle
*1 liter bag w/ chlorine dioxide tabs

The Basic Fire Craft Kit Includes:

*Waterproof Pouch
*Mora Companion Knife
*Ferrocerium Rod
*Zippo Fire Starter w/ tinders
*Stormproof Matches w/ striker
*Utility Flame Gel
*WetFire Cubes
*USI tinders
*PitchWood Sticks
*Fire Craft Field Guide
*Online Access to ASIST Basic Fire Craft Video

Stay connected to USI by liking their page on Facebook here. 

USI is a advertiser

Join Moms in Training in Savannah: Get in shape. Meet other moms. Help fight cancer

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Moms in Training group Savannah Pooler Richmond Hill

Here’s a great way to get in shape, meet other moms & help fight cancer.

Take part in Moms in Training in Savannah.

Moms In Training includes weekly Saturday morning training sessions (8-9 am at Daffin Park), a training shirt and entry into the Rock n Roll Savannah Half Marathon Relay on Nov. 8 2014.

Next session begins August 16 2014.

To register:
More Info: or 912-436-3273

What is Moms In Training?
Moms In Training is a flexible, 12-week training program for Savannah area moms to get in shape, meet other moms and help fight blood cancers. Trainings take place for one hour on the weekends with other social event opportunities during the week. The program culminates with optional participation in the Rock n Roll Savannah Half Marathon Relay on November 8th 2014.

Check out the Moms in Training Facebook event page by clicking here. 

Even though it’s called Moms in Training, dads are welcome to join, too. You don’t necessarily need to be a mom to take part. If someone is interested in training for the half marathon relay and has lots of patience with kiddos, they are welcome to join the program too.

Moms in Training Savannah group Why Join?
Leukemia is the most common cancer in children and adolescents less than 20 years old. In 1964, the chance of surviving Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), the most common form of childhood leukemia, was 3%. Thanks to treatments advanced by LLS, children 15 years old and younger who are fighting ALL today have a 92% chance for survival.

LLS and Moms In Training participants are saving lives, and all moms are invited to join the fight for a cure.

Can I bring my child to trainings?
Yes! As long as your baby is able to remain in the stroller, you are welcome to bring him or her to trainings. The workouts allow you to exercise with a stroller, but it is not necessary. Some moms prefer to use the hour as “me” time! Keep in mind, strollers will not be allowed on the race course at the Rock n Roll Savannah Half Marathon Relay.

What do trainings consist of?
Trainings will consist of running, walking, cross training and stretching.

I’m not an athlete! Can I really do this?
Yes! Moms of all levels join the program. You will receive incredible coach support as well as a training calendar that you can follow on your own. The program is extremely flexible, and you are supported 100% of the way.

How much do I fundraise to participate?
Moms commit to raising $500 to help fight blood cancers. There is a $50 registration fee to join which is credited toward your fundraising goal. Upon registering, you will receive your own fundraising website as well as fundraising support from LLS staff. The average mom raises $1,500!

I know someone personally affected by cancer. Can I train in honor or memory of them?
Absolutely. Moms in Training encourages you to honor someone you know who has been affected by ANY type of cancer.

How do I sign up?
1. Visit
2. Click “Sign Up as an Individual.”
3. Enter your zip code.
4. Scroll over and select “Moms In Training” as your event.
5. Complete the registration and you’re ready to save lives!

Questions? Contact or 912-436-3273

Moms in Training is advertiser

Safe Kids Savannah Youth Triathlon, Sept. 6

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Savannah Kids Triathlon 2014

If your kids did the TD Bank Hilton Head Kids’ Triathlon this past weekend, then chances are they’re hooked on triathlons.

So be sure to sign up for the upcoming kids triathlon in Savannah. The Safe Kids Savannah Youth Triathlon (kids ages 7-15) is Sept.6. The swimming, biking and running event will be held around Lake Mayer and the Chatham County Aquatic Center for youth ages 7 to 15.

Save money by registering before Aug. 31. Pre-register before Aug. 31: $45. Register Sept. 1-5: $55.

More info here.  

So as the organizers says: come on and give it a ‘Tri.’

Giveaway: $50 Gaia herbs gift certificate from Brighter Day Natural Foods Market

Monday, July 21st, 2014

natural food grocery stores in Savannah

This month Brighter Day Natural Foods Market in Savannah is a giving a lucky reader a $50 Gaia herbs gift certificate. The winner can have their pick of $50 worth of Gaia herbs products at Brighter Day Natural Foods Market

Brighter Day Natural Foods Market Savannah Deadline to enter is through July 31.

To enter to win, like Brighter Day Natural Foods Market on Facebook by clicking here. Then on their wall, answer this questions: What is a popular herb for helping infants and kids feel more calm? (Hint: think sleepytime tea ingredients). We’ll pick a name at random & announce the winner here & on our Facebook page.

Brighter Day Natural Foods Market, 1102 Bull St., Savannah, 31401  912.236.4703,  On Facebook here. Brighter Day Natural Foods Market is a advertiser.

Coupons & discounts at Brighter Day Natural Foods Market, Savannah

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

natural food grocery stores in Savannah

Have you checked out the new & improved Brighter Day Natural Foods Market in Savannah at the south end of Forsyth Park?

Around since 1978, Brighter Day is now better than ever.

Brighter Day’s organic deli is the perfect place to pick up fresh-made organic sandwiches, organic juices and smoothies, salads, desserts – for a summer picnic in at nearby Forsyth Park’s playground.

Looking for homeopathic products for your children? Check out these coupons available on various products sold at Brighter Day.
homeopathic children products in Savannah  

Boiron homeopathic products for children

Fans of Boiron Homeopathic products can download $1 off coupons here . There are 6 different coupons for children or adults. Brighter Day Natural Foods Market carries all Boiron products for children and has a wide variety of single remedies. Brighter Day employees have advanced training in homeopathy.

homeopathic products for children in Savannah Hylands homeopathic products for infants & kids

Brighter Day has been carrying Hylands homeopathic products for infants & kids for 35 years. Brighter Day owners Janie & Peter raised their 3 children with Hylands, and now their grandchildren are using Hylands products. Click here for $1 off coupon for teething gel & other Hylands’ coupons.

30% off MegaFoods products during July

Coming soon to Brighter Day: a smoothie tasting event using some MegaFoods Boosters Click here to get free MegaFoods samples. recipe cards, coupons.  MegaFoods products are on sale @ Brighter Day during July at 30% off.

Brighter Day Natural Foods Market, 1102 Bull St., Savannah, 31401  912.236.4703,  On Facebook here. Brighter Day Natural Foods Market is a advertiser.

Father’s Day gift: Swedish Massage Special @ Ranicki Wellness Center, Pooler

Monday, June 9th, 2014

Father's Day Massage Special Ranicki Wellness Center Pooler

Treat Dad to a 60 Minute Swedish Massage for Only $47 at Dr. Ranicki’s Creating Wellness Center  in Pooler. Use Referral Code FDAY14. ($65 Value)

Call (912) 376-1506 to schedule your appointment today.

Ranicki Chiropractic Wellness Center, a wellness center at heart located in Pooler & serving greater Savannah, 1147 US Highway 80 West, Pooler, Ga 31322, (912) 376-1506, email: , Ranicki Chiropractic Wellness Center is a advertiser

Jellyfish in Coastal Georgia & South Carolina: Who is hot & who is not

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014


Below is a guest post published on in 2011 by Tybee Island marine scientist/biologist Dr. Joe Richardson. Dr. Richardson leads Tybee Island Beach Ecology Trips . These beach walks are an excellent way to educate your kids and entertain your visitors. Read a list of activities and topics the beach ecology walk covers by clicking here. To book a family, scout, school and tour group beach walk call (912) 596-5362 or email . For updates regarding what Dr. Joe is finding and doing on his ecology beach walks, check out (and “like”) the “Tybee Beach Ecology Trips” FACEBOOK page by clicking here.

Cannonball Jellyfish are very abundant right now on our beaches, and they are harmless.

The large flat Moon jellyfish will become more common as summer comes, but their sting is mild.

Jellyfish: Who’s Hot and Who’s Not

It’s not unusual to find jellyfish on our beaches, but most of the time the ones we see are harmless and will not sting you. In mid May, the most abundant jellyfish on the beach is the Cannonball Jelly. They are ball-shaped (as opposed to flat), relatively firm, and have a broad reddish-brown band wrapping around an otherwise cloudy white body. The thick structure extending out from under the bell is a system of multiple mouths. Cannonball Jellies do not have stinging tentacles hanging from the bell, so as long as you handle them on the outside of the bell or mouths, there is nothing to sting you. Only if you stick your fingers way up inside the bell could you contact any tiny tentacles, and even then they would give you only a slight tingle. So, don’t mind the Cannonball Jellies – they aren’t going to sting you.

Our common winter-time jellyfish, the Lion’s Mane Jelly, has pretty much finished its season for this year. I haven’t seen any Lion’s Mane Jellies in a few weeks now that the water has warmed up. They are round and fairly flat, and they often have some pink color. Their tentacles are fairly short and form a “hairy-looking” circle of tentacles hanging from the underside of the flat

The Lion’s Mane jellyfish is our winter-time jelly and have pretty much disappeared from our beaches now

The Sea Wasp Jellyfish will become a problem in mid July through mid August, and their sting is intense.

jellyfish. This thick circle of short tentacles supposedly resembles the hairy mane around the neck of a male lion. Lion’s Mane Jellies produce a very mild sting; and I personally don’t consider it a “sting” but more of an irritation.

As the water warms into the summer, we will start seeing Moon Jellies. They are very flat, round and clear, and usually have 4 horseshoe shaped structures visible near the center. Moon Jellies have a fringe of short tentacles extending from the very outer edge of their flat body. I’ve seen Moon Jellies on Tybee Island as large as a dinner plate. Moon Jelly tentacles produce a mild sting. It is not really painful, but you know that you have been stung; but it’s not likely going to cause you much discomfort.

It’s during late July and the first couple of weeks of August, on average, that we reach the peak of the Sea Wasp season on Tybee. The Sea Wasp jellyfish are our “bad guys” around here. (We rarely have trouble from floating, blue Portugese Man of War on Tybee, especially compared to some beaches in Florida). But the Sea Wasp jellyfish in late summer do cause us problems. They are clear, and we can’t see them in the water. Although their body is fairly small (2-3 inches), they produce a number of long thin tentacles that extend from 4 hand-like structures that hang from the bottom of their box-shaped body. Even when they are dead and washed up on the beach, Sea Wasp tentacles can still sting. Their sting is an instant intense burning sting, and these stings will make you want to get out of the water and seek some relief. Although the intense pain subsides after a few minutes, the stung area will still hurt a while, and usually some red marks will appear where the tentacles contacted your skin. For me, the stung areas itch for a few days later also.

The above is a guest post by Tybee Island marine scientist/biologist Dr. Joe Richardson, who leads Tybee Island Beach Ecology Trips . These beach walks are an excellent way to educate your kids and entertain your visitors.

Gluten intolerant? Dr. Ranicki’s Creating Wellness Center in Pooler can help

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

Dr. Ranicki’s Creating Wellness Center in Pooler can help you with your gluten intolerance.

Give them a call (912) 376-1506to schedule your appointment today to find out how they can help.

Ranicki Chiropractic Wellness Center, a wellness center at heart located in Pooler & serving greater Savannah, 1147 US Highway 80 West, Pooler, Ga 31322, (912) 376-1506, email: ,  Ranicki Chiropractic Wellness Center is a advertiser

Buchi Kombucha on tap @ Brighter Day Natural Foods Deli, Savannah

Saturday, May 24th, 2014

Buchi Kombucha at Brighter Day Natural Foods Savannah Buchi Kombucha on tap now Brighter Day Deli at 1102 Bull St. at the south end of Forsyth Park in Savannah.

Buchi Kombucha is a probiotic rich beverage that has been available for thousands of years. It was so highly regarded that it was called “The Teas of Immortality” and “The Elixir of Life”. Buchi begins as an organic black tea which is sweetened with organic evaporated cane juice. It is nutrient dense and packed full of digestive enzymes, organic acids, B Vitamins, and probiotics.

Ask for a free sample!

Brighter Day has the following 4 flavors at the moment (Flavors will change from time to time). Buchi Earth: which has roasted roots, holy basil & maple syrup; Buchi Water, which is made of elderberry, coconut water and blueberry; Bucchi Avonlea, which is in a base of orange juice, mango, passion fruit and sea buckthorn; Buchi Soverign, which is a combination of fresh pressed ginger, peach juice and sorghum molasses.

Brighter Day Natural Foods Market, 1102 Bull St., Savannah, 31401  912.236.4703,  On Facebook here. Brighter Day Natural Foods Market is a advertiser.

Free Torticollis help @ Ranicki Chiropractic Wellness Center, Pooler

Monday, May 12th, 2014

free Torticollis help Pooler Savannah

Torticollis or wry neck is a condition where a child’s neck is twisted, stiff, painful or sore. This condition can cause the head to tilt to one side while the chin tilts in the opposite direction. Torticollis develops due to problems with the upper spine and/or the muscles and nerves located in the neck.

Torticollis can affect infants at birth or it can develop throughout childhood and adult life. Either way, it can severely limit movement of the neck and cause a great deal of discomfort and pain.

The symptoms of torticollis with an infant or child may include:
(1) Tilted head
(2) Frequent crying and discomfort
(3) Stiff neck or limited movement of the neck
(4) Neck pain
(5) Headaches

To see how Dr. Ranicki can help, click here.

Ranicki Chiropractic Wellness Center, a wellness center at heart located in Pooler & serving greater Savannah, 1147 US Highway 80 West, Pooler, Ga 31322, (912) 376-1506, email: ,  Ranicki Chiropractic Wellness Center is a advertiser

Are Metal Amalgam Fillings Safe for You, Your Kids and the Environment?

Monday, April 21st, 2014

Brad Durham Dentistry in Savannah Bluffton

The post below is sponsored by Beyond Exceptional Dentistry in Savannah & Bluffton,, (912) 234-8282, email Beyond Exceptional Dentistry is a advertiser

When metal amalgam fillings were introduced in the US about 180 years ago, their use was declared to be medical malpractice. The controversy rocked the dental community and overturned the old dental association, and the American Dental Association was founded on, among other things, a belief in metal amalgam fillings. Now the controversy rages again, and it’s hard to know the truth.

What we do know is that metal amalgam fillings contain mercury, and that the mercury moves through the body. In pregnant women, this mercury moves into the fetus, and in lactating women, the mercury contaminates breast milk. We also know that metal amalgam fillings are a significant source of mercury in our environment. How best to respond to these facts is something every mother will have to decide for herself.

Metal Amalgam Fillings Contain Toxic Mercury

Metal amalgam or “silver” fillings are actually more mercury than they are anything else: currently 50% by weight, though the proportion has been even higher in the past. Mercury is one of the most toxic elements in our environment, with the potential to cause damage to the brain and nerves, as well as causing some cancers.

Metal Amalgam Fillings Are Believed to Be Safe

There are two major proponents of the safety of metal amalgam fillings: the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Dental Association (ADA). Both assert that metal amalgam fillings should continue to be available. You can read FDA’s statement here. This 2009 statement is based on 2004 research.

The basic statement says that we haven’t proved the harmfulness of metal amalgam fillings beyond reasonable doubt. There is good reason to believe that people with metal amalgam fillings may suffer no significant consequences.

However, there are also reasons for concern.

Mercury Moves through the Body

One of the main reasons for concern is that mercury in the fillings doesn’t stay in the fillings. It migrates through the tooth enamel into the bloodstream, and it evaporates into the mouth where it is inhaled and swallowed. What happens with this mercury when it leaves your mouth? Scientists explored this by giving 12 fillings each to five pregnant sheep. The fillings were marked with special radioactive mercury not found in nature. Researchers took measurements of the sheep’s excretion of mercury and after 140 days, they sacrificed the sheep and measured the levels of radioactive mercury in the sheep. They found high levels of radioactive mercury in the sheep’s kidney and liver, and in the liver and pituitary gland of the fetus.

There are several complaints about this study, that the fillings were prepared with higher levels of mercury than are currently used, and that inadequate care was taken to ensure sheep didn’t swallow mercury, and others. But this study also took place over less than six months. Mercury fillings are expected to be in the bodies of people for decades.

Mercury Is Found in Breast Milk

In a follow-up to their initial sheep study, researchers prepared more sheep with fillings and looked at the presence of mercury in their milk and the concentration of mercury in their lambs. They found that mercury did seem to pass from the ewes to the lambs both in the womb and through breast milk. Researchers also measured mercury in the breast milk of women and found that it correlated with the number of fillings they had and the level of mercury found in their mouths.

Mercury from Fillings in the Environment

A recent study shows that even in remote lakes in National Parks, fish are exposed to high levels of environmental mercury. About 68% of fish tested in these parks contained mercury levels high enough that people should limit their consumption of these fish. How is this related to mercury fillings?

It turns out that mercury released from fillings during cremation is actually a significant source of pollution, accounting for perhaps 5% of mercury in the air in some places. This means that the toxicity of mercury in fillings may have far-reaching consequences for our environment.

Is There a Safe Level for Fillings?

With the controversy over the toxicity of mercury fillings, the warring sides have produced little in the way of what seems like usable guidance. Estimates of the number of fillings necessary for toxic exposure in adults range from 2 to 450. A more recent analysis suggests that 6 fillings for children and 8 fillings for adults is likely to be the amount required for toxic exposure.

In response to the potential risks, many countries have banned mercury fillings completely, and 150 nations recently agreed that mercury fillings are a source of toxic mercury that may need to be phased out. With this level of concern, it seems that many people around the world are not convinced that metal amalgam fillings are safe, no matter what our government says.

The above post is sponsored by Beyond Exceptional Dentistry in Savannah & Bluffton,, (912) 234-8282, email Beyond Exceptional Dentistry is a advertiser

Help with allergies & sinuses from Ranicki Chiropractic Wellness Center, Pooler

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Free allergy checkup SavannahHow can Chiropractic Care help with allergies and sinuses?

Allergy season is here – and millions of Americans are facing months of suffering and living on allergy medicines they’d rather not take. There are , however, a few tricks that work for many people to make allergy season their favorite time of the year.

Consuming a daily tablespoon of local honey is a great trick for allergy sufferers. Since the way this trick works is to slowly expose the body to the pollens the bees collect, it does need to be locally collected and fresh. Check Ranicki Chiropractic Wellness Center’s favorite place to get local honey, Polk’s Plus in Pooler, GA. You can also check out the Farmer’s Market in Forsyth Park on Saturdays.

Since the nervous system influences the immune system’s internal threat alert, improving the communication between your nervous and immune systems thru chiropractic care can be a big help to many allergy sufferers. Details here.

Ranicki Chiropractic Wellness Center, a wellness center at heart located in Pooler & serving greater Savannah, 1147 US Highway 80 West, Pooler, Ga 31322, (912) 376-1506, email: ,  Ranicki Chiropractic Wellness Center is a advertiser

FREE community lecture on the benefits of fish oil, April 24, Savannah

Monday, April 14th, 2014

free fish oil lecture Savannah

Dr. Kasey Berman opens new Savannah pediatric office: Be Pediatrics

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Savannah pediatriciansDr. Kasey Berman’s new Savannah pediatric office, Be Pediatrics, is open and Dr. Berman is accepting new patients!

Dr. Berman is a local Savannahian who has been practicing pediatric and adolescent medicine in Savannah for the last 10 years. She is excited to bring a fresh perspective to child medical care to the Savannah community with advanced medical technology to keep her families connected to their pediatrician.

Dr. Berman believes in proactive and integrative medicine, evaluating all facets of a child’s life that may affect their health. At Be Pediatrics, we don’t just treat your child’s symptoms, we aim to eliminate the underlying cause.

Dr. Berman is a cum laude with honors graduate of the University of Georgia and received her medical degree from the Medical College of Georgia. She completed her pediatric residency at Memorial Health, where she spent several years as an academic attending teaching residents and medical students before entering a career in private practice medicine. Dr. Berman enjoys spending her down time with her husband and two children, relaxing outdoors in our beautiful city and volunteering for various local charitable organizations.

Stay connected to Be Pediatrics by liking the practice on Facebook here or follow on Twitter @drkaseyberman

Be Pediatrics, 400 Mall Blvd, Suite 410B Savannah, 31406, 912.472.0314, email  Be Pediatrics is a advertiser.

New Patient Special @ Ranicki Chiropractic Wellness Center, Pooler

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Chiropractors in Savannah

The new Spring into Wellness Package @ Ranicki Chiropractic Wellness Center in Pooler entitles you to a consultation, chiropractic evaluation, X-rays and a report of findings, which is worth $200 for $17.

For more information, click here

Email  or call 912-376-1506 to take advantage of this offer.

Ranicki Chiropractic Wellness Center, a wellness center at heart located in Pooler & serving greater Savannah, 1147 US Highway 80 West, Pooler, Ga 31322, (912) 376-1506, email: ,  Ranicki Chiropractic Wellness Center is a advertiser

Savannah Yoga classes include Toddler & Me, Infant & Me, Pregnancy Yoga + more

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Savannah yoga kids classesSavannah Yoga Center - now in Savannah & Pooler


Parent & Me Yoga Classes

Mondays – Savannah
10 AM-11:15AM Toddlers & Me Yoga
11:30 AM-12:45PM Infant & Me (Pre-Crawlers)

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga Rolling Series (start anytime!)
Savannah, 6-7:15pm Thursdays Pregnancy Yoga Series (sign up online) Details here.

Yoga & Art Classes at the same time with SYC Pooler and Scribble Arts Pooler!

Details at

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga Workshops
Pooler Saturday 1-3 PM. Details here.
Sept. 20
Nov. 1

Details, Pricing & Registration for all of the above classes: (912) 232-2994

Savannah Yoga Center, 1319 Bull St, Savannah, GA 31401 & 111 Canal St. #101, Pooler, GA 31322
Email  and be sure to mention the POOLER location! (912) 232-2994, email , Savannah Yoga Center is a advertiser.

Stroller Strong Moms host a GLOW IN THE DARK Virtual 5K run/walk for Autism, Savannah

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Autism awareness Savannah 1 in 88 Children is diagnosed with Autism.

Stoller Strong Moms in Savannah plans to to help Autism Speaks figure out why!

In Columbus, GA, Stroller Strong Moms will host a race to benefit Autism Speaks. There is a Virtual Run option for those who do not live near Columbus. Savannah is on board with the Virtual Run! On FRIDAY, MARCH 28TH AT 7:30PM AT FORSYTH PARK, Stroller Strong Moms will host a GLOW IN THE DARK Virtual 5K run/walk for Autism. All the blue glow you can imagine will be PROVIDED.

Participants are asked to follow the link below to register for the virtual run. Once registered they will receive confirmation and a printable bib. They will also be mailed a race t-shirt on April 19th, the day after the race in Columbus!

Registration is only $20 and ALL of the proceeds will go to Autism Speaks!

To register for the virtual run, click here .

There will be HUGE PRIZES for the participants who get the most amount of friends and family to sign up (near or far). Click here for the Facebook event for Light Up Savannah for Autism & please let Stroller Strong Moms know if you are coming!

Stroller Strong Moms looks forward to having you all at this event.

Let’s light up SAVANNAH blue for Autism!

For more information, email

Stroller Strong Moms, 12 East Park Ave. Savannah, 31401, email , Stroller  Strong Moms is a advertiser

You’re invited: FREE Healthy Body, Healthy Minds Extravaganza, Sat. 3/29, Savannah

Monday, March 24th, 2014

Free kids' events in Savannah Blessings In A Book Bag Inc. presents the 2nd Annual Healthy Body Healthy Minds Extravaganza

Healthy Body Healthy Minds will be held on March 29 from 12-3pm at the West Broad Street YMCA.

This is a community wide event which is free and open to the public that will include: family friendly activities for all ages, local media specialist and talents, exhibits and activities provided by local organizations, businesses, the BIBB staff and board members.

The mission: to register as many people in the community for affordable health care and to raise consciousness amongst the inner city community on the importance of creating and maintaining a healthy life style.

Healthy Body Healthy Minds is an informational health fair and field day that will include; Assistance in registering for affordable health care, free food, health screenings, line dance classes, Zumba lessons, Salsa lessons, a massive tug of war competition; an Uno tournament, prizes, live entertainment by Infallible Funk, Natural hair seminars and a runway show by Natural hair specialist Alia. To get more information and to find out how to volunteer go to

Sponsors include Clear Channel Communications, Curtis V. Cooper, JC Lewis, Hands On Savannah, SAMS Club, Strength Of Nature, Savannah State University, Savannah Technical College, and the West Broad Street YMCA.

About Blessings in a Book Bag
Blessings In A Book Bag (BIBB) is a newly developed non-profit organization in Savannah Georgia. BIBB feeds over 50 students and families at Otis Brock Elementary every Friday afternoon. Monday through Friday students eat at school but on the weekends the need is still there. The organization provides 50 students with book bags filled with easy to prepare, nonperishable foods to sustain them and their families over the weekends so that on Monday morning students return back to school nourished and ready to learn.
MISSION: Blessings in a Book Bag Inc. wants to insure that impoverished elementary school children are fed on the weekends throughout the school year.
VISION: Better test scores, improved reading skills, positive behavior, improved health and increased attendance have all been attributed to the success of this program.
Contact: Tonya Ferguson, PR Director 912-631-8983 /

Spring Time Is a Great Time to Renew Your Smile!

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Brad Durham Dentistry in Savannah BlufftonYou sacrifice a lot of things for your kids. If your smile was one of them, Beyond Exceptional Dentistry can help you reclaim a beautiful, youthful smile.

And there’s no time like the spring time to fix a smile that is making you unhappy and get one you will be happy to share for all the special occasions of your kids’ lives.

It’s Never Too Late to Get Straight

Many of us never had the opportunity to get braces when we were kids. Others of us either had straight teeth as kids or got braces, but they got crooked over time.

Crooked teeth can give your smile character, and if you’re happy with them, it’s great, as long as you can keep them clean and don’t get food stuck in them. But if your crooked teeth make you unhappy, you can get them straight at virtually any time in your life, as long as your mouth is generally healthy.

Invisalign is a great way to get your teeth straightened without braces. Instead of metal wires, it uses clear plastic aligners. They fit on your teeth like a mouthguard, one for the upper teeth and one for the lower, if you’re getting both straightened. They’re practically invisible, and you can remove them for eating, cleaning your teeth, or for special occasions. You wear an aligner for about two weeks, then move on to the next one.

Invisalign takes about as long as braces, but it’s a lot more convenient, comfortable, and discreet.

For getting a straight smile faster, we offer “instant orthodontics.” You can get a straight smile in less than a month! In this procedure, we don’t move your teeth, we reshape them so that they’re straight, using porcelain veneers and sometimes dental crowns.

This is also a great way to get rid of a gap between your teeth, or take care of small peg laterals or a single “snaggletooth” that makes you self-conscious about your smile.

Read more by clicking here.

Beyond Exceptional Dentistry in Savannah & Bluffton,, (912) 234-8282, email Beyond Exceptional Dentistry is a advertiser

Brad Durham Dentistry in Savannah & Bluffton

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Brad Durham Dentistry in Savannah Bluffton Beyond Exceptional Dentistry in Savannah & Bluffton offers the best in cosmetic Dentistry, TMJ relief, facelift dentures, implants, Invisalign, sleep apnea, and sedation dentistry.

Brad Durham Dentistry places an emphasis on understanding our patients’ needs and desires, custom tailored individualized dental plans, comfortable and predictable treatment, and running on time.

Brad Durham Dentistry Beyond Exceptional Dentistry,, (912) 234-8282, email Brad Durham Dentistry is a advertiser

FREE Fit Kids’ Fest: Food, Fitness, Fun, April 5, Daffin Park, Savannah

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

Fit Kids Fest 2014 Savannah Junior LeagueOne in three children in Chatham County is considered obese. Studies show that overweight kids are more likely to become overweight and obese adults. If obesity among kids continues to increase at this rate, our current generation could become the first in history to live shorter and sicker lives than their parents

To aid in curbing this growing epidemic of childhood obesity, the Junior League of Savannah will be hosting their second annual Fit Kids Fest on Saturday, April 5, 2014 from 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. at Optimist Field in Daffin Park.

Fit Kids Fest is a free community event, focused on increasing awareness and prevention of childhood obesity by providing children and their parents with resources and tools to help them make more educated choices and live more active, healthy lifestyles.

Junior League members will be offering tips on making healthy meals and snacks, and providing several opportunities for children to engage in physical activity demonstrations.

Thanks to generous partners at the Savannah Sand Gnats minor league baseball team, the first 250 children who attend Fit Kids Fest will also receive a free ticket to the Sand Gnats baseball game at Historic Grayson Stadium later on that same evening.

Please invite children and their parents to attend Fit Kids Fest this spring.

By turning education into action, we can all play a part in the fight against childhood obesity and improve the lives of children in our community.

For more information Contact: Jessi Horne Junior League of Savannah, Fit Kids Fest Chair


Stroller Strides Fit4Mom of Savannah introduces L.E.A.N. Mommy to help you lose weight

Monday, February 17th, 2014

Lean Mommy

Beginning March 1 2014: Stroller Strides Fit4Mom of Savannah is proud to introduce their latest program, L.E.A.N. Mommy!

Lead by their instructor and licensed psychotherapist Blythe Wyatt Conway, MA LPC, this 8 week counseling program is designed to bring mommies together in a home environment to learn how to get off the diet band wagon for good.

Utilizing behavior and cognitive modification tools, proven stress reduction techniques and nutrition education, L.E.A.N. Mommy will teach you how to bring the balance back into your whole being, mind body and soul.

Current Fit4Mom members receive a special introductory rate of $125* Non-members rate of $250*
*All prices include educational materials. Non-members price includes 3 Stroller Strides classes per week for the 8 week program.

Any questions? Email

For more information contact: Natalia Lucero at , visit or facebook Stroller Strides of Savannah at Stroller Strides of Savannah is a advertiser.

Stroller Workouts: Stroller Strides of Savannah offers classes in Richmond Hill, Pooler, Savannah Mall

Saturday, February 8th, 2014

Looking for a way to lose that baby weight without having to put your baby in childcare? Check out Stroller Strides of Savannah/FIT4MOM Savannah from in MOTION media on Vimeo.

FIT4MOM Savannah is a fitness program for moms offering pre and post-natal fitness classes for every stage of motherhood.

Classes & events in Pooler Tom Triplett Park, Richmond Hill, Savannah Mall.

Stroller Strides/Fit4MOM is a total fitness program that moms can do with their babies. Classes include running/ power walking and intervals of strength training. Please visit  for a complete listing of classes & pricing, (910) 987-5943, email , Stroller Strides is a advertiser

Stroller Strong Moms add Yoga to their schedule, Savannah, Pooler, Richmond Hill (starting Feb. 5)

Saturday, February 1st, 2014

Savannah Yoga Classes with Stroller Strong Moms Stroller Strong Moms in Savannah is adding YOGA to their schedule for classes in Savannah, Richmond Hill & Pooler!

Grand Opening of their Yoga classes will be February 5. Don’t miss out.

Yoga will continue to be on their schedule twice a month.

Stroller Strong Moms are super excited to announce their new yoga instructor is Lindsay Platky.

Come on and SLAM with Stroller Strong Moms and Stretch Like A Mother.

Newcomers are welcome.

For more information, email

Stroller Strong Moms, 12 East Park Ave. Savannah, 31401, email , Stroller  Strong Moms is a advertiser

Chatterbox Pediatric Therapy offers speech, occupational, physical therapy for children in Savannah/Pooler

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Chatterbox Pediatric TherapyChatterbox Pediatric Therapy LLC - a pediatric therapy clinic serving the Savannah and Pooler – offers speech, occupational and physical therapy services for children in the Savannah/Pooler area. Chatterbox Pediatric’s therapists are dedicated to providing children, families and physicians with the highest quality services available.

The therapists at Chatterbox Pediatric Therapy have a true appreciation for the demanding schedules that parents of all children face day-to-day, especially those with special needs. The clinic aims to be as flexible and accommodating to parents as possible when scheduling therapy. Chatterbox Pediatric Therapy, LLC is a Medicaid Provider and makes every effort to assist families in getting the financial assistance that they need.

Stay connected with Chatterbox Pediatric Therapy by liking their Facebook page here.

Chatterbox Pediatric Therapy,, 110 Pipemakers Circle, Suite 115 Pooler, Ga  31322 912-988-1526, email Chatterbox Pediatric Therapy is a advertiser

Gulfstream Appreciation Day: Free Chair Massages, Wine & Cheese Bar @ Dr. Ranicki’s Creating Wellness Center, Pooler

Monday, January 27th, 2014

Ranicki Creating Wellness Center Savannah PoolerDr. Ranicki’s Creating Wellness Center would like to invite all Gulfstream Employees and their family members to an Appreciation Day on Wednesday Feb. 5th from 4:30-6:30.

RSVP at 912-376-1506.

For more information:

Ranicki Chiropractic Wellness Center, a wellness center at heart located in Pooler & serving greater Savannah, 1147 US Highway 80 West, Pooler, Ga 31322, (912) 376-1506, email: ,  Ranicki Chiropractic Wellness Center is a advertiser

Free Monthly Support Group for New & Expectant Parents

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Erigo Monthly Support Group for New & Expectant Parents SavannahFree Monthly Support Group for New & Expectant Parents @ Erigo, 5301 Paulsen Street, Savannah, 31405.

This event takes place the first Tuesday of every month and is always free.

time: 10am to 11:30am
date: March 4th, 2014
phone: 912-544-6387
web site:

Come and meet fellow parents and kids. Discuss and learn different ways to enjoy parenthood. Cate Glyn-Jones, registered nurse, midwife, and lactation consultant, will be on hand to answer all of your questions. This is a free event with refreshments served and takes place the first Tuesday of every month.

Gymnastics, tumbling, martial arts & ballet classes @ ~Coach Wayne! Gymnastics, Savannah

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Coach Wayne Gymnastics Tumbling Savannah


~CoachWayne! Gymnastics in Savannah Mall offers world-class gymnastics, tumbling, martial arts and ballet classes.  Classes are offered for children ages 18 months to teen. More information here.

Looking for a little gym for your toddler? ~Coach Wayne! Gymnastics offers preschool classes including Parent & Child classes for children as young as 18-30 months old. Attention working parents: these parent & child classes are even offered on WEEKENDS (including Sundays!) as well as Fridays. Details here.

Other class options include:

Preschool tumbling starting at 18 months to 5 years old (offered seven days a week). Click here.

Gymnastics for ages 6 & older (offered seven days a week). Click here.

Ballet classes including Mommy & Me; beginner; intermediate; advanced (including Sunday classes) Click here.  

Martial Arts for ages 5 & older. Click here

Stay connected with ~Coach Wayne! Gymnastics on Facebook  here.

~Coach Wayne! Gymnastics,  Savannah Mall (upstairs near Dillards), 14045 Abercorn St. Suite 2506, Savannah, 31419, (888) 548-4545, email  On Facebook here, ~Coach Wayne! Gymnastics is a advertiser

Yoga for you & art classes for the kids, Pooler

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Scribble Savannah Yoga

Yoga for adults & art classes for kids AT THE SAME TIME in Pooler!

Scribble Art Studio & Savannah Yoga in Pooler are syncing up classes for your convenience. Drop the kids of at Scribble in Pooler while you enjoy some yoga.

For questions, visit or

Stay tuned for class days & times.

Email or call 912-713-7376.

Scribble Art Studio, 212 E. 37th St Savannah, 31401, (912) 713-7376 email , , Scribble Art Studio is a advertiser

FREE kids’ boot camp @ Lake Mayer, Savannah/FREE health program for kids who need to lose weight

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Free Kids Bootcamp in Savannah sponsored by Nonstop Fitness

FREE Kids BootCamp
Lake Mayer Pavilion
Monday and Thursdays at 4 pm
For school aged children

No registration, just show up and join in the fun. Sponsored by COPE and Nonstop Fitness – 912.349.4902

Nonstop Fitness & Childhood Obesity Prevention & Education (COPE) sponsor this FREE kids boot camp, at 4 PM every Monday & Thursday at Lake Mayer in Savannah. Bring your kids.

COPE also has begun a free program called Project 10 Kids for children ages 10-17 who need to lose weight and get healthier.  Absolutely free and all needs are provided for participation.  Any adult interested in this for their child should contact Sandy Baker at 912.247.2086 or for more information to get started. This program begins NOW, in January and runs 60-90 days.