(Savannah therapists) Binge Eating Disorder: Why Can’t I Stop Eating?

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Low Country Counseling in Savannah on Binge Eating Disorder

For those who struggle with binge eating, food can lead to anxiety and shame.

This eating pattern has many names: emotional eating, over-eating, compulsive eating, food addiction, etc. They all mean the same thing: that eating has become an adaptation to dealing with negative feelings and experiences. And then a terrible cycle ensues: eating, shame, and then fasting or dieting to “do better.” This cycle can feel lonely and endless. And hence the question, “Why Can’t I Stop Eating?”

The answer may be Binge Eating Disorder (BED). BED is the most common eating disorder, however it was only recently recognized officially.

Learn more about causes of BED, tips to reduce binge eating and 5 signs of binge eating disorder here.


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