SouthCoast Health: Tips to fight mindless eating during the holidays

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The holiday season equals celebration and delicious food. But staying healthy? Not so much.

But according to SouthCoast Health’s Registered Dietitian, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost.

“It is possible to eat with a healthy pattern the holiday season if you go into this time of year with a plan,” SouthCoast Health Registered Dietitian, Rebekah Laurance, RD, LD said. “It can be hard to stick to your goals this time of year. To combat this, go in prepared to deal with these indulgences. It is also important to recognize that having two or three days of less than ideal nutrition is not a good reason to give up on your goal! Get through the holidays, roll with it, and get back on your schedule.

Working hard to maintain healthy eating habits? Laurance offers tips to fight mindless eating and stay fit here. 

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