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Savannah lactation consultant provides breastfeeding support for home and work

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Too often breastfeeding turns out to be the surprise challenge for new moms.

Nursing is easier with support and supplies from Savannah-area lactation consultant Pamela Holland of Babies, Breastfeeding and Beyond LLC.

Call for an initial in-home consult to help with any problems you may be experiencing with your baby or for a pre-natal visit for breastfeeding concerns before your baby is born.  

Breastfeeding, even including the price of consultation is a more affordable and healthier alternative to formula. Formula costs at least $1,650 per year, more than ten times the cost of one consultation.

As a board-certified Lactation Consultant who has worked with moms and babies of Southeast Georgia in the public  health sector for the past 20 years, Pamela Holland can help you feel confident in your ability to learn how to nurture and feed your baby. 

Pamela Holland started her private practice because she felt that women were being too hard on themselves when they did not achieve the kind of breastfeeding success that “the books” recommended.  Breastfeeding is a natural process, but it may not always be easy.  Rather than take a cookie cutter approach, Pamela Holland believes each mom and baby are unique and must have a personal plan of care that is customized to meet their specific needs. After all, Caesarean delivery, multiple births, and proximity of extended family are just a few of the challenges that are typical in today’s newborn delivery.

If you are having any issues with breastfeeding or have had a previous experience that was less than you had hoped for,  call Babies, Breastfeeding and Beyond at 912-306-4619.

Lactation Consultant Pamela Holland, Babies, Breastfeeding and Beyond LLC, 912-306-4619. Babies, Breastfeeding and Beyond is a advertiser.

Natural birth alternatives with homebirth certified nurse midwife at Savannah Midwifery

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Interested in birthing in the privacy, safety, and familiarity of your own home? Want a waterbirth in your living room? Curious about natural alternatives during pregnancy? Want to be empowered by your birth rather than afraid of it?

Then check out our local homebirth certified nurse midwife (the only one in Georgia south of Macon actually), GeorgAnna Wiley at Savannah Midwifery. Call or email for a free, no-obligation consultation. Enjoy your birth!

GeorgAnna Wiley is qualified to provide care for healthy, low-risk women and their babies during pregnancy, birth, after the birth and to help with women’s health needs from annual exams to menopause and everything in between.

Services offered include:

Prenatal Care

-certified HypnoBirthing® instructor

-a holistic model of care from a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM)

-herbal and natural remedies, massage, exercises, and alternative therapies used when desired

Homebirths with GeorgAnna Wiley and Nicole Lavallee, CPM

-give birth in the comfort of your own home, attended by skilled midwives

-offering waterbirths (and they supply the heated tub)

breastfeeding support

For more information, please visit the homebirth page by clicking here 

Doula Services

-Intrapartum (during birth at a hospital, birthing center, or your home) or postpartum (after birth) doula services in your home. Postpartum includes breastfeeding support, help with sibling adjustment, newborn care help, housekeeping, cooking, nurturing the new mama, etc…. especially helpful after a c-section or if you have little help at home.

Extras: GeorgAnna can even help with a variety of baby slings and cloth diapers, as well as breastfeeding support.

Feel free to contact Savannah Midwifery with questions about any services above.

 State licensed and nationally certified nurse midwife (CNM) practicing in the Savannah area: GeorgAnna Wiley at Savannah Midwifery visit her on the web at or call (912) 344-5066 or email Savannah Midwifery is a advertiser.

FREE Lactation Class at Just for Baby & More (Savannah breast feeding class)

Friday, March 12th, 2010

just-for-baby-new-ad-addressThere are many things to learn about as you prepare for your new baby’s arrival. If you are planning to nurse or trying to nurse your baby – here’s a FREE lactation class that is a great way to get ready.

Just For Baby & More @ 7701 Waters Ave will be hosting the free class for moms-to-be to gather information about nursing 6:30-8 PM Tues. March 23. Cate Glyn-Jones, a lactation consultant from Candler Hospital, will be teaching the class. Refreshments will be provided.

The first 15 registrants will receive a $15 gift card to the store. Please call (912) 355-4455 or email to register.

FREE Lactation Class, 6:30-8 PM Tues. March 23 @ Just For Baby & More, 7701 Waters Ave.

On birth stories, babies and breast-feeding in public

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

hart-francie-smaller.JPGThe good news is I still write a Sunday column “Hart to Heart” for the Savannah Morning News Accent section.

The bad news is they are cutting my column back from once a week to every other week. Very depressing and confidence-shattering. But that’s the state of print journalism today – budget cuts and lay offs.

I will continue to use this Web site to promote my columns when they run on the first and third Sunday of each month. Feel free to share story ideas and comments on what you’d like my column to focus on in the future. I get mixed messages on whether readers want more personal stories or more issue-oriented stories. My last two columns have offered a little of each.

Last week, I shared the humorous birth story of our precious new daughter, Francie, who arrived as an early Christmas gift for our family and a 40th birthday gift for me. You can read the column here. (The photo posted above is of Francie looking a little perplexed by her big brother as he tries to explain fingers and hands to her.)

This Sunday’s topic is a bit more controversial: breast feeding in public. I, personally, am often too shy to breast feed in public,  but support mothers who do 100 percent. You can read the column here. It’s about a breast feeding feud prompted by Facebook banning some breast-feeding photos on the basis of being obscene. Do you think breast-feeding photos are obscene? Please share your opinion in the comment section below.

Belly Bandit Giveaway

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

belly-bandit.bmpBaby weight.

How do you lose it? Why is there so much of it? And why do other moms seem to banish their baby bellies immediately after giving birth?

Maybe their secret is Belly Bandits, an abdominal compression binder to help flatten the belly and redefine the waistline post-baby. The wrap also helps decrease bloating caused by water retention, give support to legs and back, improve posture and reduce back and shoulder pain associated with breastfeeding. Check out the wraps here.

Belly Bandit is giving away a $50 Belly Bandit Couture to a lucky SouthernMamas subscriber. See the giveaway wrap here. Even if you aren’t pregnant or a recent new mom, these tummy wraps make fun shower and baby gifts.

To be eligible to win, email us your name and your secret to losing baby weight (or your gameplan on how you will lose it.) Deadline is 9 pm Thurs. Sept. 18. Send email to We’ll pick a name at random and announce the winner here Friday. The winner can select her size of Belly Bandit.

You have to be a SouthernMamas subscriber to participate. Subscribing is free. Click here to do so.