Low Country Counseling in Savannah: 5 priorities of recovery from substance abuse

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Low Country Counseling in Savannah

Addiction touches many people and their families.

People experiencing Substance Use Disorder can be high functioning at times during active use: parents, business owners, coworkers, siblings, students, etc.

Moving into recovery leads to a life that feels manageable and worth living. The ability to remain sober is a daily task requiring patience, coping skills, and loads of self-compassion and support from others.

Prioritizing needs on a daily basis can help increase the chance of achieving sobriety for that day.

Low Country Counseling in Savannah provides this a simple list of 5 priorities of recovery as well as more tips to achieve sobriety.

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If you or a loved one is in need of support, Low Country Counseling offers specialized therapy for individuals, moms, couples, families, and teens. Contact Low Country Counseling for any questions or to schedule an appointment. Help is available.

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