Summer health advice from SouthCoast Health providers

Running out of family-friendly summer activities? SouthCoast Health’s providers share some favorite summer activities and health tips:

“Get some cardio in with you and your family. Some options include participating in a 5k that the whole family can jog or walk, or getting outside and sweating it out on a hike. Your body, especially your heart, will thank you later.  As always, follow your physician’s guidelines for your exercise regimen.”

-SouthCoast Health Cardiologist Akinniran Abisogun, MD.

“It’s always a blast to do a summer cook-out, but you can’t forget about the healthy options. Throw some vegetables on the grill, like corn or eggplant, for a delicious charred flavor, and consider some healthier meat options like turkey or veggie burgers.”

-SouthCoast Health Family Physician Leslie Sizemore, MD.

“Whether it’s a movie night, swimming in the pool, or going to the beach, the activities that are the most fun are with my whole family. That’s why it’s really important to communicate with your kids or partner to see what they want to do the most. Letting your kids pick your next summer adventure can yield lots of surprising results.”

-SouthCoast Health Pediatrician Jami Scanlon, DO.

“We love to go to the neighborhood pool. But, don’t forget to protect your kid’s feet in you’re going to a public place like that. Wearing water shoes at places like the pool or the beach will protect everyone from bacteria or easy to avoid injuries.”

-SouthCoast Health Podiatrist Craig Skalla, DMP.

 “Wherever we go, we always wear mineral-based sunscreen. SPF 50 is slathered all over us before we step out the door. Sunburns aren’t pleasant, especially for the little ones, and it protects us from major dermatology issues later down the road like skin cancer.”

-SouthCoast Health Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Heather Seibert, Pharm D, MBA, DCTM

“Don’t forget that allergies exist during the summer too. If you have someone in your family who has the sniffles or a bad head cold, see if there’s something in the air that is bothering them. Common summer allergens are pollen, mold, and insects”

-SouthCoast Health Allergist Wasil Khan, MD

“I really try to limit screen time during the summer holiday. As good as some games or activities can be on my kid’s devices, I find that nothing beats doing something together, whether it’s going to the park or sitting around the family table completing a puzzle.”

-SouthCoast Health Nurse Practitioner, Alisha Bennett, FNP.


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