SouthCoast Health Lactation Consultant offers breast-feeding support for new & expectant moms

SouthCoast Health breast-feeding support

SouthCoast Health’s lactation counseling services are offered at the Richmond Hill pediatric office, but patients from any office are welcome to visit for this type of appointment.

At these appointments counselor will typically discuss the basics of breastfeed, the importance of staying on a regular schedule to maintain a supply of breast milk, and give guidance on positioning, latching techniques, and ways to increase comfort for the mother.

“We have seen many new mothers on the verge of giving up breastfeeding,” said SouthCoast Health lactation specialist Alisha Bennett (pictured). “ But with the support of our breastfeeding specialists at SouthCoast Health, we are able to help the majority of these women successfully overcome the hurdles that come with breastfeeding.”

If you are a new mom looking for support or guidance on this issue, call SouthCoast Health at 912-691-3600 or request an appointment here


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