(Savannah physicians, pediatricians) SouthCoast Health Urgent Care is expanding

SouthCoast Health Savannah Urgent Care

SouthCoast Health is proud to announce that their UrgentCare services are expanding!

Check out SouthCoast Health’s many locations and benefits above. Find more info here .

These locations offer non-emergent urgent care style primary care medical services in which adults and kids can receive top-quality services from SouthCoast physicians and nurses but without requiring an appointment.

Emergency room visits usually result in a wait time of more than seven hours. For someone who is sick or hurt, that’s a long time to wait. Fortunately, SouthCoast Health has a solution for non-routine medical needs that do not require a visit to the emergency room.

UrgentCare locations include:

Savannah — Adults (ages 14 & older)
1326 Eisenhower Drive, Building 1

Richmond Hill — Adults & Kids
89 Interchange Dr

Pooler — Adults (ages 14 & older)
1000 Towne Center Blvd, Suite 701

Hinesville — Adults (ages 14 and over)
Liberty Medical Office Building
455 South Main St. Suite 203

Savannah — Kids
310 Eisenhower Drive, Building 16

Rincon — Kids
814 Towne Park Drive East

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