(Savannah pediatricians) Dr. Kelsey Alexander @ Coastal Care Partners on Skidaway Island offers concierge pediatrics

Concierge Pediatric Clinic, Savannah

Dr. Kelsey Alexander, board certified pediatric physician, offers concierge pediatric services at Coastal Care Partners in the Village on Skidaway Island in Savannah,

Join the new  Coastal Care Partners’ new Concierge Pediatric Clinic before Sept. 1 for no enrollment fee.

Once you’re enrolled, you’ll be able to easily book your appointments online. Register today online here.

Dr. Alexander’s concierge pediatrics practice accepts traditional insurance with a small monthly membership fee. By keeping a limited number of patients in the practice, Dr. Alexander can give your family the time and attention they deserve. This Concierge Pediatric Clinic serves all of Savannah and surrounding areas.

Learn more here.

Coastal Care Partners, 4B Skidaway Village Walk, Savannah, GA 31411912.598.6312


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