(Savannah pediatricians) New pediatric practice in Savannah: The Tiny Beet with Dr. Caudill

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The Tiny Beet, Lifestyle Medicine Pediatrics, Savannah

We’re thrilled to announce that after 30 years as a pediatrician, Dr. Yolanda Rivera-Caudill is starting her own practice in Savannah.

The Tiny Beet is a general pediatric direct primary care (DPC) practice specializing in Lifestyle Medicine in order to focus on the root cause of patients’ health.

Dr. Caudill is on a mission to help her patients develop and maintain healthier lifestyles through general pediatrics and lifestyle medicine.

A DPC model, similar to concierge medicine, allows for a tailored experience with each individual patient and works as a monthly membership. Dr. Caudill is looking forward to spending more time with her patients at The Tiny Beet.

Learn more here. 

51 Johnny Mercer Blvd.
Building A-2 Suite A
Savannah, GA 31400

(912) 777-6830



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