(Savannah pediatricians) COVID-19 Vaccine Available for Ages 16 & 17 @ SouthCoast Health Pediatrics, Richmond Hill

SouthCoast Health Pediatrics Richmond Hill Ga. COVID Vaccine

SouthCoast Health Pediatrics is administering COVID-19 vaccinations to their patients who are age 16 and 17 years old at the SouthCoast Health pediatrics location in Richmond Hill.

If you are interested in having your child (within this age range) vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine at that location, please CLICK HERE to add your child to SouthCoast’s waitlist. This waitlist will be used to contact patients to schedule a vaccination.

Vaccinations are by appointment only.

Completing the form is not a guarantee of an appointment as vaccine supplies could be limited.

You will be contacted by text to schedule when an appointment is available for your child. If you sign up on the waitlist with a landline, you will receive a phone call to schedule.


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