Savannah pediatrician on essential info for understanding autism

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SouthCoast Health Pediatrician Dr. Nelson Elam

SouthCoast Health pediatrician: Essential info for understanding autism

1 in 59 American children have autism.

“Unfortunately, many still view autism negatively and those with autism suffer from the biased opinions of others,” said SouthCoast Health Pediatrician Dr. Nelson Elam. “This is largely in part of lack of knowledge. Believe it or not, there’s a lot to learn about autism and from those who may be on the spectrum. The biggest thing to understand is that autism is just another way of living and another perspective in this diverse world.”

To help spur positive conversation about autism during Autism Awareness Month, find the basics of autism here including what is autism; what does ‘On the spectrum’ mean; signs of autism; diagnosis of autism; and what happens after diagnosis.

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