SouthCoast Health allergist: The Science Behind Savannah Allergies

Allergist savannah Southcoast Health allergies

SouthCoast Health Allergist Dr. Wasil Khan

Why does a cat or spring pollen makes you sneeze and congested while others around you seem to have no trouble?

The answer is related to the fact that an allergy is an immune system disorder.

SouthCoast Health Allergy / Immunology Department offers the most current, accurate, and complete services available in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of allergies (environmental, food, medication, insect sting), asthma, allergic skin disorders, and immunologic disorders including primary immunodeficiencies.

SouthCoast Health Allergist Dr. Wasil Khan said at SouthCoast Health Allergy / Immunology treats allergic disorders, asthma, and primary immune system deficiencies

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