Low Country Counseling: How to build a better bond with your child

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Low Country Counseling therapists on how to build a better bond with your child

Bonding with your child means more than doing a craft or going to the park together.

The concept of “serve and return” plays a large part in child development and is the building block of the parent-child relationship.

Therapists @ Low Country Counseling in Savannah encourage parents to take every opportunity to participate in the “serve and return” interactions. This concept is similar to a game of tennis: it involves engagement of both parties.

A sturdy foundation is dependent on stable, responsive relationships from caring adults. If the “response or return” of the parent is unreliable, inappropriate, or even absent, then the developing brain is affected. The frequent absence or inappropriate response of the “serve and return” from a caregiver not only hinders development, but it triggers the body’s stress response and the stress hormone is released.

Find Low Country Counseling’s tips on how can parents “serve and return” to help development here.


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