Survival Training classes for women & moms/daughters, Savannah

Get off the X classes in Savannah

Universal Survival Innovations has added two new local training programs open to the public.

Get Off The X course for moms/daughters or fathers/sons

The first is an overnight course named “Get off the X” and is held at USI’s training facility in Cochran Ga. It is a very exciting course that trains fathers and sons or mothers and daughters to work as a team to satisfy their needs. This bonding experience is taught using techniques required for survival as if isolated in combat. Training includes camouflage and movement techniques, tactical navigation, water procurement, evasion fire craft, signaling/proof of life, defeating common restraints and culminates in an escape scenario.

If you can learn how to take care of yourselves like the Special Forces do, then surviving gets that much easier…and it’s a lot of fun. This is a gender based course so it’s either moms and daughters or dads and sons. Learn more here

Street Smarts class for women, youth groups

The second course is called “Street Smarts” and was originally designed for Women as a PROACTIVE protection course as opposed to the REACTIVE courses available, such as firearms training. “Street Smarts” is based on the concept that identifying a potential threat and responding to it is better than trying to fight off and survive an attack. “Street Smarts” includes lessons in surveillance detection, threat avoidance, defeating common restraints, dealing with security and getting to safety.

“Street Smarts” is a two day course which is perfect for traveling professionals, missionaries, mothers, and youth groups. It is held in either Savannah GA or Columbia SC.  Learn more here. 

Online classes

Online USI provides training through a division called ASIST – Applied SERE Instruction and Security Training. USI has online videos that address basic fire craft and improvised shelters. Several videos are in production and will be available in the near future. USI also has the capability of producing video training on custom subjects per clients’ request. USI videos can be previewed by clicking here. 

Custom survival kits

USI’s Custom survival kits support  their training and their clients. Their kits are in the hands of outdoor enthusiasts, military members and government agents such as those from the Department of Natural Resources; basically anyone who can find themselves isolated from immediate support/rescue.

The following kits have been the most popular among outdoor enthusiasts.

Basic Fire Craft Kit (shown below): currently being used in a new Fire Craft Program USI designed for the Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington and is being presented to the Girl Scouts of America.

The Personal Survival Kit Includes:

*MOLLE Pouch
*Opinel Knife and Ferrocerium Rod
*Shelter w/ 25’ 550 Cord
*Wetfire, Utility Flame, and USI tinders
*Signal Mirror w/ Whistle
*1 liter bag w/ chlorine dioxide tabs

The Basic Fire Craft Kit Includes:

*Waterproof Pouch
*Mora Companion Knife
*Ferrocerium Rod
*Zippo Fire Starter w/ tinders
*Stormproof Matches w/ striker
*Utility Flame Gel
*WetFire Cubes
*USI tinders
*PitchWood Sticks
*Fire Craft Field Guide
*Online Access to ASIST Basic Fire Craft Video

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