Memorial’s Rehab Services Moving to New Pooler Location; Therapist Offers Tips for Healthy Infant Development

Pediatric Rehab outpatient therapy services Memorial’s Rehab Services Moving to New Pooler Location

The Rehabilitation Institute at Memorial University Medical Center is moving its Pooler outpatient office to the Mulberry office park.

Beginning Monday, Oct. 27, therapists will see adult and pediatric patients at 101 West Mulberry Drive, Suite 210. Appointments are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The phone number is 912-273-1000.

Therapist Offers Tips for Healthy Infant Development

Two of the conditions treated at The Rehabilitation Institute are torticollis and plagiocephaly, which affect some infants before or shortly after birth.

Torticollis is caused by a tight neck muscle and results in the baby’s head tilting to one side. It may occur before birth, although its cause is unknown. Left untreated, torticollis can cause developmental delays in rolling, sitting up and walking.

Plagiocephaly, which is often present with torticollis, is a flattening along the back of the head causing asymmetry. It can cause an uneven facial shape and uneven ear position.

Studies have shown that positioning and exercise started within the first three months result in excellent outcomes. Consult your pediatrician if you have concerns. Early referral to a physical therapist for evaluation may prevent a child from having to attend prolonged therapy and may prevent the need for a cranial molding helmet.

If you suspect your baby may have symptoms of these conditions, try these suggestions from Sherry Mitchell, lead pediatric physical therapist at The Rehabilitation Institute:

Give your baby tummy time when she is awake.

Position the crib, swing or bouncer so that your baby turns his head toward the tight side.

Position your baby on her side for play and alternate sides.

Alternate sides when nursing or bottle feeding to encourage head turning.

Use only approved positioning devices in the carseat to keep the head midline.

For more information on pediatric or adult rehabilitation services, call 912-350-7128 or visit

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