(Speech Therapy, Savannah) The Speech Clinic on how hearing issues/ear infections affect children’s speech

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Speech Therapy in Savannah: Impact of Hearing Issues/Ear Infections

Do you have concerns about your child’s hearing? Do they have a history or ear infections?

Your child may not be hearing well if they are: not following directions well, often ask for repetition of what you said, respond slowly or don’t respond when spoken to, or having trouble paying attention.

Persistent ear infections can have major impacts on your child hearing due to fluid in the middle ear. Imagine if you were trying to hear something underwater- That is what it might sound like to your child. This can affect their acquisition of speech and language.

Once the ear infections are treated, the therapists at The Speech Clinic of the Coastal Empire can help assess and treat any speech/language delays.

To schedule an evaluation, please contact The Speech Clinic office: 912 712 3999



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