SouthCoast Health: How to Manage or Prevent Diabetes in the ‘Diabetes Belt’

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SouthCoast Health’s Dr. Rebecca Sellers (Family Medicine)

How manage & prevent diabetes 

Chatham, Effingham, Bryan, Glynn & Liberty counties are all part of what medical experts call the Diabetes Belt, a specific region in the southern U.S. that has comparatively higher rates of diabetes than other areas.

Living in the Diabetes Belt doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be diagnosed with the condition. While there are certain risk factors beyond your control, there are still many that you can change. And, even if you’ve already been diagnosed, effectively managing your diabetes can help you reduce your risk of complications, according to SouthCoast Health.

Small lifestyle changes can have big results when it comes to reducing your diabetes risk.

“You don’t have to join an official program or wait to make changes,” says Dr. Rebecca Sellers, primary care physician at SouthCoast Health.

Sellers lists few things here that you can do now to control your diabetes risk.

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