SCAD GamingFest 2021

SCAD GamingFest 2021 Savannah gaming

SCAD GamingFest 2021
April 9-10, 2021

Enter the all-virtual world of SCAD GamingFest for conversations and panel discussions with top game developers, exclusive access to new SCAD games and content, and insights from industry leaders about one of the fastest growing industries worldwide.

Lots of exciting things happening during this event including SCAD Game Studios ‘The Making of Zoelie’ presentation that discusses how SCAD students from interactive design and game development, animation, sound design, visual effects and more came together to create the game ‘Zoelie’.

‘Zoelie’ will be one of the several SCAD student-created games that can be downloaded during the SCAD GamingFest and played by audiences at home.

You can also watch a SCAD vs. SCAD eSports competition through the Twitch takeover with Skillshot Media or listen to SCAD alumni speak about how SCAD prepared them for their jobs in the gaming and entertainment industry and what exciting things they are working on now.

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