Free Soccer Day in Forsyth Park with Soccer Shots Savannah

Wondering what Soccer Shots Savannah is all about?

Check out their upcoming FREE soccer sessions on Sat. August 28 2021.

This is a great opportunity for children to try the Soccer Shots Savannah program for the first time and for parents to meet some coaches.

There will be abbreviated 15 minute sessions and have more information about the Soccer Shots Savannah program available. Event will take place on the Whitaker Street side of the park, on the south end by the tennis courts and farmer’s market.

Please preregister for this free event so organizers know how many children to expect and can plan with the coaches.

Enroll at, just search “free” to see a complete list of all free events near you.


Soccer Shots Savannah Fall 2021 Enrollment Link:
Facebook Page: Soccer Shots Savannah
Contact with questions: Rachel Wright, 762.333.1177,


Soccer Shots Savannah is a advertiser 

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