SouthCoast Health physician answers questions about best practices for handwashing

Patel Misal Pooler physician

Dr Misal Patel

Proper handwashing is important now more than ever.

Physicians at SouthCoast Health in Savannah say to avoid buying hand sanitizer with less than 60 percent alcohol content. Studies show that antibacterial gel with any less alcohol doesn’t consistently kill germs.

“You touch your mouth, your eyes, your nose throughout the day many many times without realizing it,” Dr. Misal Patel of SouthCoast Health said. “You touch doorknobs, desks, phones, keyboards, so many things that other people come into contact with as well so the best thing to do is to keep your hands clean and be mindful of what you’re touching.”

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Dr. Patel is now seeing patients at the newly-expanded Pooler location (Godley Station Professional Park, 1000 Towne Center Blvd., Building 1200, Pooler). A Savannah native, Dr. Patel specializes in a variety of primary care services, and specializes in preventive care and management of chronic diseases.

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