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Below is a guest post from CrossFit Hyperformance in Savannah:

Let’s Jump!

All kids love to jump – up, down, and sideways. (Maybe off of something we as a parents would wish they wouldn’t).

Did you know that when it comes to skeletal development jumping is very important? Actually, the landing is even more important. When you land, a wave of impact is sent through the skeleton that signals bone cells to lay down more mineral deposit making them denser. Bones react according to the forces put on them.

Between the ages of 12-14 years old bone density is increasing at its fastest. That is a huge window of opportunity for pre-pubescent children to have a positive effect that will linger well into adulthood. To get the most benefit, the speed of loading (such as in jumping or bounding) is more important than slow or static loading (standing, walking, weightlifting). We call this rapid force changing impact loading – and it’s a part of every Crossfit Kids class. No external load needed; these activities are self-scaled by ability to reduce the risk of injury.

Impact loading activities are a priority for all age groups within Hyperformance Youth programs, for the benefits they provide the growing skeleton as well as the improvements they bring about in such physical skills as power, speed, and strength.

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