Introducing Le-Vel’s new hydrolyzed collagen gel

Le-Vel Thrive Savannah
Introducing Le-Vel’s New Hydrolyzed Collagen Gel:  FORM
Weight Management
Supports Lean Muscle Mass
Post-Exercise Recovery & Repair
Supports Strong Bones & Joints
Supports Firm & Healthy Skin
Le-Vel’s FORM is the world’s only sequentially absorbed Collagen Protein.  Collagen is the second most common substance found in the human body, the first being water.  It’s estimated that one third of all protein in the body is collagen protein.  Collagen is the foundation for strong connective tissues.  Aging causes collagen protein to break down, weakening the connective tissues.  Not only does the collagen break down, but the body loses its ability to produce more.  It’s believed that this process begins around the age of twenty.  The sequential delivery system allows the body to start absorbing the collagen protein in the mouth, and continues through the digestive system, so absorption is truly maximized.
Free FORM?
Come see Le-Vel at Coastal Kids Market and register to win a free box of FORM!
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