Shark Tooth Hunt with Shark Tooth Fairy, Tybee Is., Oct. 18

Shark Tooth Fairy Shark Tooth Tybee Hunt 2015

Beaufort’s beloved Shark Tooth Fairy Mike Harris is teaming up with Tybee promoters to bring the first Tybee Island Kids’ Shark Tooth & Fossil Hunt to Tybee Is.’s North Beach, 10AM Sun. Oct. 18 2015.

Kids will be able to find prehistoric Mako, Bull, Sand, Great White, Snaggletooth, and coveted Megalodon sharks teeth. The “Shark Tooth Fairy” Mike Harris is donating many large Megalodon teeth and will be in attendance to help identify the sharks’ teeth found.

There will be two designated zones to search: one for kids ages 2-6, and one for kids ages 7-12. Accompanying adults are encouraged to enter the designated zone for the 2-6 year olds but not the designated zone for the 7-12 year olds. Parents can watch from outside the designated zone. If you are registering multiple kids from 2-6 and 7-12, your designated zone will be with the 7-12 year olds.

Cost: $20 per child
Ages: 2-12 (no exceptions, please))

Tickets go on sale Wed. Sept. 9 at 8AM. Details here. 
1000 tickets available.

Adults are prohibited from assisting kids with hunting teeth.

20,000 teeth will be planted between the two designated zones. Parents are strongly encouraged to only allow your kid to take 20 sharks teeth from the beach. They can keep searching and if they find a larger tooth, they should throw their smallest back.

For more info, email

No rain checks or refunds.

More info about tickets here. 



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