FREE kids’ nature activities during July 2013 @ Skidaway Is. State Park, Savannah

Free Kids' activities for March 2013 at Skidaway Island State Park, SavannahCome out to Skidaway Island State Park to enjoy FREE night hikes as well as organized daytime kids’ activities . To see the complete list of FREE kids’ nature activities @ Skidaway Is. State Park, click here.

Wednesday, July 3 9am Sandpiper Trail Hike: Meander through the marsh on a guided hike with one of our knowledgeable park rangers. 2pm Insects Galore: Learn about the different types of insects in this area.

Thursday, July 4: Happy 4th of July!!! 11am Island History: Learn the history, formation, and inhabitants of the Georgia barrier islands. 1pm July 4th craft

Friday, July 5 10am Morning Bird Watch: Learn the basics about local bird varieties as we gaze upon our feeding stations. 1pm Toads and Turtles: Do you know all the differences between reptiles and amphibians? Come and learn all the differences and touch live examples.

Saturday, July 6 11am Mystery of the Giant Sloth: Come learn about the amazing Giant Ground Sloth and others that roamed Skidaway during the last Ice Age. See and touch real fossils! 3pm Wilderness Survival: We will talk about lost prevention and show you simple items to take with you in a hike. 9pm Call of the Wild: Walk the trails at night to hear nocturnal animals call. See if you can tell the difference between frogs, bugs, and birds.

Sunday, July 7 11am Dinner Time: Watch as the ranger feeds the reptiles, leaping lizards, chomping turtles, and snakes licking their chops. 2pm Painted Buntings: Keep your eyes open to see one of America’s most beautiful birds right here on the park. Join a discussion to learn all about the Painted Bunting.

To see the complete list of FREE kids’ nature activities @ Skidaway Is. State Park for the month of July 2013, click here.


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