SouthCoast Health: What Are the Signs of a Kidney Problem?

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SouthCoast Health Nephrologist Dr. Nizar Eskandar

SouthCoast Health on the signs of a kidney problem

While the kidneys may only be about the size of your fist, these bean-shaped organs are vital to the function of your body. Healthy kidneys filter about a half cup of blood every minute, remove waste, and produce urine.

Only an estimated 10% of people with kidney disease know they have it.

“The signs of kidney problems mimic symptoms of other conditions,” says SouthCoast Health Nephrologist Dr. Nizar Eskandar. “This often prevents patients from getting help for their kidney issues early on, when treatment is most likely to be effective.”

SouthCoast Health urges you to seek medical attention at the first signs of any kidney problems. Find some of common symptoms of kidney problems to watch out for here.


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