Music & Motion classes for ages 0-7 with Kindermusik Savannah

Kindermusik Savannah toddlers preK Chatham County Kindermusik

Caregiver and me music and motion classes for ages 0-7 with Kindermusik Savannah!

Babies younger than 2 meet Tuesdays at 11AM; ages 4.5-7 meet Monday afternoons at 4PM, and family classes for ages 0-7 combined meet Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays at 10AM.

First trial is free!

Text FREE to 912-432-5885 for more info.

Kindermusik…A Good Beginning Never Ends.

Location: Kindermusik with 88 Keys, 183 Deerfield Rd W, Bloomingdale GA 31302


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