Watch a wild Savannah Great Horned Owl on The Landings Owl Cam, Skidaway Is.

Great Horned Owl Cam Savannah The Landings Skidaway Island

So it begins again.

The Savannah mama owl is back.

Watch the Savannah Great Horned Owl mom on Skidaway Island LIVE via The Landings Bird Cam video feed.

The owl showed up at the nest this weekend and laid an egg on Jan. 23 and a second egg on Jan. 26. Incubation is 30-37 days.

Visit  The Landings Bird Cam or The Cornell Lab of Ornithology to see live 24/7 video with audio of what is happening in the abandoned eagle’s nest that is atop a pine tree in The Landings.

The streaming video is made possible thanks to a partnership with Cornell University Lab of Ornithology. The video feed can also be seen on the Georgia DNR site

The cameras have infrared capability, enabling nighttime viewing without disrupting the owls, according to the Savannah Owl Cam @ The Landings web site. Read more here about the owls & how this bald eagle’s nest in The Landings became an owl’s nest.

Follow the owls on Twitter at SavannahOwls and on Facebook here. 

The Landings Bird Cam site also has a link to this fun, kids’ The Owl Song by The Whizpops. Click here & watch your kids hoot along.

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