Slides, water tables, bikes, scooters @ Once Upon A Child Savannah

summer toys Once Upon A Child Savannah School’s out, the temperature is rising, you’ve stocked up on sunscreen. Do you have all of the toys your kids need to take full advantage of the summer months?

Once Upon A Child Savannah  @ 1100 Eisenhower Drive in Eisenhower Square has slides, water tables, bikes, scooters and more to help your kids make the most of their summer fun. Looking for something specific? Give  Once Upon A Child Savannah a call before you visit and they can check for you.

Once Upon A Child Savannah also has clothing, shoes, swimwear and accessories to keep your kids looking cool all summer long.

Have stuff that your kids no longer play with? Once Upon A Child is always buying toys and gear. A quick trip to Once Upon A Child could mean some extra cash in your pocket.

Recycle your gently used kids’ stuff today.

Once Upon A Child Savannah, 1100 Eisenhower Drive Eisenhower Square, Savannah, 31406 tel: 912-351-0555,  Once Upon A Child Savannah is a advertiser

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