Register for Spring 2015 Micro & Recreational Soccer with Savannah United

Winter Soccer Camp January 2015 Savannah United

Registration is now open for Savannah United Spring 2015 Soccer season.

If you have an Early Goals aged player (30 months to 48 months) the info below does not apply. Please check the Early Goals page for more information by clicking here.


U4, U6 & U8 Micro Program

+ Registrations for U4, U6, and U8 are currently OPEN – register here.
+ There will be a **LATE FEE** assessed on February 24th, so be sure to register before then

+ Every player in the U6 and U8 age groupings will need a new uniform this spring
+ Uniforms are ordered online from Specialty Sports . Order here.
+ Uniforms will need to be ordered by February 24th to ensure they are ready for the 1st game

Between the recreational and the micro programs, Savannah United is moving the players into a standard uniform package – same package for every player on every team. Each player on each team will get a LIGHT BLUE and a LIME jersey. This will help simplify the process as players may shift between teams from fall to spring and year to year.

The game schedule will details which uniform to wear. One team will wear LIGHT BLUE and the other will wear the LIME, the schedule will make it clear who is to wear which color.

Each team can wear whichever color socks, shorts, shoes as they wish.

+ Practices will begin for those who are registered on February 23rd
+ Games will begin on March 14th
+ No games on April 4th
+ Last games will be on May 9th


U10 – U14 Recreational Program

* Registration is open now and will close on 2/28 (late fee of $15 assessed beginning 2/21)

* Registration can be completed and more information can be found here 

* All players (new and returning) must order a new uniform package through Specialty Sports (late fee assessed after 2/22) that will last until Spring 2017. Click here to order uniforms:

* Practice for most teams will begin the week of 2/23

* The first round of games will be 3/7

* Playoff Week will be 5/11 – 5/14

Savannah United,, 702 Mall Blvd Suite C, Savannah, 31406, tel 912-691-2472, email On Facebook here. Savannah United is a advertiser . 

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