My Smart Hands baby sign language classes now available in Savannah to help boost verbal skills & prepare for preschool

My Smart Hands baby sign language classes to boost verbal development now available in SavannahImagine communicating with your baby before he or she can even speak. Baby sign language reduces frustration, accelerates verbal development and strengthens cognitive skills. It also enhances child-parent bonding through time spent teaching signs to your baby.

Research shows that pre-verbal infants can communicate through the use of sign language long before they can verbalize their needs. For example, an NIH funded study compared two groups of 11 month old babies. One group was taught baby sign language. The second group was given verbal training. Overall it proved to be the signing babies who were more advanced talkers. A follow up when the babies were 2 years old found that the signers continued to be more verbal. The signing children tested approximately 3 months ahead of the non-signers at 2 years old.*

The authors of the NIH study, followed up with the children at 8 years old. Surprisingly, there was still a difference. Signers showed IQ’s 12 points higher than the non-signers, even though they had long since stopped signing. This put the signers in the top-25% of eight year olds, compared to the non-signers who were close to average.**

My Smart Hands is an international, award winning, 100% ASL program designed to teach sign language to pre-verbal infants and young children. My Smart Hands not only recognizes the value of giving children the gift of self-expression, they also know that baby signing is FUN!

The My Smart Hands program is designed to engage both the minds and the giggles of their students.

My Smart Hands is now available in Savannah! My Smart Hands offers 4 to 8 week classes as well as weekend workshops. The cost ranges from $75 to $130 and includes all handbooks and materials. Evening classes are available and dates, times and locations are determined by consultation with, and consideration for the needs of students.

Want to join My Smart Hands? See the Savannah My Smart Hands website  by clicking here for detailed information on the courses themselves, to contact My Smart Hands with any questions or to sign up. So go ahead, take a peek! Sign up for a few giggles for you and your little one. My Smart Hands can’t wait to meet you!

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* Susan W. Goodwyn, Linda P. Acredolo and Catherine A. Brown. Impact of Symbolic Gesturing on Early Language Development, Journal of Nonverbal Behavior, 24, 81-103 (2000).

** Linda P. Acredolo, and Susan W. Goodwyn, The Longterm Impact of Symbolic Gesturing During Infancy on IQ at Age 8, International Conference on Infant Studies (July 18, 2000: Brighton, UK)

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