Dynamic Parenting Series with Parent/Family Coach Patrick Byrd @ Ganesha’s Place yoga studio, Savannah

Dynamic Parenting Classes in Savannah @ Ganesha's Place

Dynamic Parenting : Parenting with Consciousness series at Ganesha’s Place yoga studio in Savannah. In this fun and interactive presentation, parents will explore four powerful ideas that will eliminate conflict with your children & make parenting fun again.

  • Change & clarify the focus of your parenting.
  • Foster mutually respectful & trusting relationships with your children.
  • Nurture yourself as well as your children to create greater personal harmony.
  • Implement practical tools to access more patience and neutrality.
  • Apply deep listening and communication skills to help your child grow.
  • Reframe parenting conflicts as opportunities for growth, healing & learning.

Deadline to sign up is Oct. 2.  To register or more information email kate@ganeshasplace.com or call (912)665-4199 or visit www.ganeshasplace.com

Ganesha’s Place offers a variety of yoga classes as well as therapeutic classes including yoga for special needs kids, children with autism & restorative yoga for caretakers.

What we love about Ganesha’s Place is that it’s a spot to explore, heal and have fun. Ganesha’s can be a place for the whole family: you’re not required to be athletic or wear special outfits. Yoga therapy at Ganesha’s regulates and improves the balance between health and wellness without the intimidating images of body contortions and “pretzels”.

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Ganesha’s Place, at the corner of Barnard & 40th St. @ 2323 Barnard St., 912-665-4199, http://ganeshasplace.com/ Ganesha’s Place is a SouthernMamas.com advertiser

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