FREE Swing Central Jazz, Big Band showcase (featuring high school big bands), Savannah

 Savannah Music Festival runs through April 7. The city-wide musical arts event features renowned performers in jazz, classical, Americana and world music.

This year’s festival doesn’t include any family-specific shows, as the festival has in the past (Roger Day!!!!). But there are a few performances that organizers said could be considered appropriate for the whole family including:

-the Rousakis Plaza Swing Central Jazz, Big Band showcase noon Thursday, March 29.  The free open-air showcase will feature the twelve high school big bands participating in Swing Central Jazz. Details here.

-the small combo showcase in Reynolds Square 4-6 PM Friday, March 30.

-ZYDECO DANCE PARTY: NATHAN & THE ZYDECO CHA CHAS, 6 PM Friday, March 30. Details here.

The Hello Pops! with Wycliffe Gordon performance at 11 AM on March 27th at the Trustees Theater. is already booked with local school children & not open to the general public. However, home school students are welcome and parents of homeschool children can contact  or 234.3378 x108 to book seats.

The Savannah Music Festival has hosted several in-theater education concerts for school children in September 2011 and March 2012 in Savannah’s historic downtown and brings music programs to local schools via the SMF’s “Music in Our Schools” series.

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