Crabbing in Savannah, Hilton Head Is. (Summer kids activities)

Crabbing with kids to catch Carolina Blue Crabs can be comical and tends to require less skill than fishing.

What you need:

a bucket, a crab net (available at any hardware store or bait shop), 10- to 12-feet of sturdy string with a chicken neck attached above a two-ounce sinker.

What to do:

Cut the line about ten to twelve feet, add a sinker, then a chicken neck for bait. Leave the end with the chicken in the water, and patiently wait. You’ll see the crab nibbling on your line. Once the crab grabs, pull the line in with the crab on it and scoop it into the bucket

Where to crab

A pier, sea wall, sea shore, or dock. Crabs will be closer to shore in murky water and a bit farther out in clear water. You can crab from shore if there is no wave action. Our suggestions include:

Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge
Harris Neck Road (Highway 131)
Off U.S. Highway 17 between Eulonia and Darien in McIntosh County, GA (From I-95, take Exit 67)

South Beach, Hilton Head Is.
Located at the “toe” of the island near the South Beach marina, is the Calibogue beach. There is no public parking, so it’s best to walk or bike from South Beach Marina parking lot.


There is a minimum size for “keepers”: five inches wide point to point to keep. You may not keep a female carrying eggs (an orange spongy mass on their underside).

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