Savannah sponsors low-priced rain barrel and composter sale

Savannah residents can save money, help reduce waste and conserve water by purchasing a low-priced rain barrel or composter. The City’s Water Resources Bureau will be selling 80-gallon composters for $45 and 55-gallon rain barrels for $55. Check and credits cards payment will be accepted, no cash sales. Rain barrels capture stormwater from a home roof and reduce the runoff into tidal creeks and rivers, helping to protect wildlife and water quality. The stored water can be used for watering landscapes and gardens, helping to preserve drinking water. Composters convert organic waste, such as vegetable and fruit scraps, into a nutrient rich soil supplement to help improve growing conditions for a variety of plants. Composters also reduce the amount of waste entering the landfill or the public sewer system via the kitchen sink disposal. For more information, call (912) 651-2221.

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