Free Mommy Monday at The Savannah Soap Co.

The Savannah Soap Co.  – a new green laundromat on the Southside that can save you time and money – will host Mommy Monday each week at 10:30 AM

Each Mommy Monday will feature a different green product that’s available at  The Savannah Soap Co.   The Feb. 28 Mommy Monday will feature Earth Mama Angel Baby. The Savannah Soap Co. owner Aimee Wine will help mommies learn about this fabulous line of organic soaps, butters, lotions, and oils for mamas, moms-to-be, and their babies. The Savannah Soap Co. will be giving out  free samples, refreshments, a discount on Earth Mama Angel baby products and giving away a door prize.

Feel free to bring your children as The Savannah Soap Co. is a child-friendly environment. The Savannah Soap Co. is a SouthernMamas sponsor.

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