Your kid isn’t the only bedwetter

articlelargeA New York Times Science article from Monday, “To Treat Bedwetting, Healthy Doses of Patience,”  is a hot topic on mommy Web sites.

According to the article, an estimated 15 percent of five-year-olds still wet the bed at night.

Parents who worry that the bedwetting is connected with a parenting mistake can relax, writes Doctor Perri Klass in the Times:

“In other words, it is not about emotional problems, or mistakes a parent made during potty training, or laziness, which some still attribute to the bed-wetter himself. (The problem is about three times as common in boys as in girls.) Indeed, one of the worst things about bed-wetting is the stigma. Sufferers and their families have been accused of everything from poor parenting to latent criminality.”

Dr. Klass says bed-wetting is caused by the interaction of a variety of factors such as genetics, physiology, development stage, and the child’s environment. Bottom line: parents dealing with this problem are not alone.

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