Get Kids Interested in Their Own Health

veggiesBelow is a guest post from Sarah Leonard of Nursing Degrees.

As parents, we do the best we can to make sure our kids are healthy, well-adjusted little people. But our endeavors can only go so far. You may make a concerted effort to keep your own house free of chips, soda, and processed foods, but what happens when they go over to little Debbie’s house down the street and come home stuffed full of ding-dongs and pizza? Or when you send them off to school only to find that they’ve traded their PB&J for money to use in the vending machine? How can you be sure your kids are making healthy choices when you’re not there to guide them?

It’s easier than you think. Kids are receptive to learning the lessons you want to dish out, if you can just find a way to make it fun. When kids are small, this is pretty easy. Are you teaching your child the names of colors? Use different fruits and vegetables to demonstrate. Whenever they list the right color, give them a bite. This will probably work better if you use foods you know they like, but getting them to branch out by throwing in interesting items that are also tasty (exotic produce like starfruit, guava, and kiwi, for example) can make it more fun. Or make a story out of snack time by coming up with a reason that the celery, peanut butter, and raisin concoction is called ants on a log. Creativity will earn you major points when it comes to teaching your kids about nutrition.

As they start to get older, turn to the internet for a little help. Dozens of health-conscious websites cater to kids with information and activities. One of the best is Kids Health , which offers games, movies, and even experiments that teach your kids about eating right and staying healthy. Kidnetic is also great in that it offers not only games and quizzes, but also a section on easy-to-make recipes that kids will not only love, but they can help make. Don’t forget, the internet can be a great tool for you, too. There is a wealth of information available for parents looking for the latest news on children’s health issues, as well as tips and tricks to get your kids to eat right.

And don’t forget exercise. A healthy child is an active child, so be sure they’re spending some time running around each day. Take them to the park, or just head to the backyard for a little soccer or a game of catch. Kids need to hone their motor skills and I don’t mean with an Xbox controller. And be honest, you could probably use a little movement yourself. Get out there and join them…you’ll all have some healthy fun!

Guest Post by: Sarah Leonard of Nursing Degrees.

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