Volunteer opportunities for tots?

children-holding-hands.jpgSouthernMamas reader Ginger Heidel emails with a great question.  She’s searching for a regular opportunity to do some volunteer work with her 2-year-old daughter on the two weekdays she has off every week.

The aim is to find something that teaches her daughter to give back to the community, but is kid-friendly and not just a one-day event. Something a toddler might enjoy and be able to assist doing.

We’d love to hear from all you altruistic mamas out there on how you’re teaching your tots the value of volunteering. In the current Savannah Magazine issue, I featured an innovative Savannah 5-year-old who found a creative and fun way to volunteer to help fight illiteracy. Read the article here. But does anyone know of volunteer opportunities that are done weekly and are toddler-friendly?

If so, please either comment below or email anne@southernmamas.com.

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