Update on leukemia patient Cora Garola

cora-garolaWhen photographer LeeAnn Ritch read about little Cora Garola’s battle with leukemia, LeeAnn immediately wanted to reach out to Cora’s parents, Rob & Mandy Garola of Isle of Hope.

LeeAnn offered to donate a photo shoot of the Garola family. LeeAnn gave the Garolas a free shoot and CD once a year indefinitely. How sweet is that?

Pictured above is just one of the lovely results of LeeAnn’s first of many portrait sesssion with the Garolas. See more photos of Cora and her family on LeeAnn’s blog here.

As you can see, Cora is doing really well and looking as adorable as ever! You can follow Cora’s progress here, where Cora’s mom is beautifully documenting their family’s fight against leukemia.

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