Understanding vaccine rights for children

200490829-002Heated discussions about childhood vaccines are seen on national news channels and are being talked about more openly among parents.

To help sort through the confusion of safety, rights and choices, the following topics will be discussed during an upcoming vaccine seminar hosted by the Savannah Autism Support Group Meeting at the pediatrician office of Dr. Ramon Ramos, 313 Eisenhower Dr.:

  • Vaccine laws, recommendations and exemptions
  • Mercury/ thermarosal and other additives in vaccines
  • Questions to ask your physician or pediatrician: informed consent
  • Predisposition to vaccine reactions
  • Strategies to increase immune function if you choose not to vaccinate

The meeting will be 6:30-8 PM Tues. Nov. 10. Attendees will go home with a packet of information of guidance and support materials to help you make an informed decision for your child. The presenter is chiropractor Steve Ranicki of Pooler.

For more info, call 912-748-1506 or email Jennifer@ranickichiropractic.com. RSVP requested: Jessica at SavannahGAandAutism@yahoo.com or call: 667-9060.

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