Supporting, not snickering at, people who are obese

ruby-g.jpgWe gripe a little on SouthernMamas about how tough it can be for some to lose that baby weight.

But just imagine if you had roughly 350 pounds to drop or risk serious health consequences, i.e. death. And you decided to try to lose the weight on national TV.

Meet longtime Savannah resident and 500-pound Ruby Gettinger who is doing just that. Ruby is the subject of my column today in the Accent section of the Savannah Morning News. Read the column here.

Ruby will be the star of an upcoming reality series on the Style Network that documents her struggle to become a fit, healthy person. Ruby’s been overweight since she was 8 years old.

As a society, we tend to have little sympathy for people who are obese. But I predict viewers – thin and fat – will fall in love with Ruby and her quirky sense of humor after the reality show “Ruby” premieres Nov. 9. And we’ll all be rooting for Ruby.

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