Polkadot Patch Boutique Giveaway

We’ve all visited many cute baby-kid product Web sites.

But y’all are really going to swoon over polkadot-patch-logo.jpgThe Polkadot Patch Boutique, where they believe children’s clothing should be fun, unique, and let children express their individuality and their personality. The Polkadot Patch hand selects every item and each product must match their philosophy

This week, the Polkadot Patch webshop is giving away this adorable cow-romper.jpgbaby cow footed romper pictured here to a SouthernMamas subscriber in the size of her choice. The $29 unisex cow romper from Empress Baby is made of super soft velour.

To win, answer this: If you could have any item from the Polkadot Patch, what would it be? Would it be these personalized lunchboxes. Or this funky unisex kids monster outfit? You gotta love this colorful surf’s up children’s wall clock, too. Or would you select one of these baby gifts?

Email your answer to anne@southernmamas.com by 9 pm this Thurs. Aug. 14. We’ll pick a name at random and announce it here Friday.

You have to be a SouthernMamas subscriber to participate. Subscribing is free. Click here to do so.

Polkadot Patch donates a percentage of their gross yearly sales to Prevent Child Abuse.

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