A couple’s story of suffering, joy and faith

Happy Easter.

Of course, it’s a busy day. But when you get a chance, please check out sean-grant-and-stefanie-reeder.JPGmy column today in the Savannah Morning News about a remarkable Savannah couple’s story “When a miscarriage is prevented.”

Anyone who has suffered a miscarriage knows you’re usually told that, chances are, the loss was your body’s way of ending an unhealthy pregnancy. But not all miscarriages are the result of fetal chromosome abnormalities.

The story of Sean and Stefanie Reeder and their very healthy 22-month old son, Grant (pictured here) is proof that some miscarriages can and should be prevented. Thank you Sean and Stefanie for sharing such a personal, emotional story.

To see the Lori Grice photo of Sean and Stefanie – the one which captures their “I’m pregnant!” moment and is mentioned in the column – click here.

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