Special advanced Kindermusik Savannah class for ages 4-7

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Kindermusik classes in Savannah 

If your child shows interest in private lessons at an early age (4-7), then Kindermusik Savannah is the perfect fit for them!

Kindermusik takes the fun, movement and energy of Kindermusik and combine it with a small group instruction to instruments, note reading, rhythms and musical terms. When they graduate from Kindermusik, they will be ready for what most private teachers require- good listening skills, an attention span to match the length of the lesson, and an understanding of how all the instruments work.

Give them a solid foundation in music- enroll in Kindermusik’s Move and Groove class for 4-7 year olds today!

First trial is free. Text 912-432-5885 or visit kindermusikwith88keys.com for more info.

Kindermusik…a good beginning never ends.


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