(Savannah daytrip) Adventure Playground @ Lowcountry Celebration Park, Hilton Head Is.

Lowcountry Celebration Park, Hilton Head Is.

Pair your visit to The Sandbox Children’s Museum on Hilton Head Is. with a visit to the Lowcountry Celebration Park, located next to the museum.

The park off Pope Avenue near the Coligny Beach parking lot and Coligny Beach Park features:
*The Adventure Playground, named after the ship Captain William Hilton was on when he discovered Hilton Head Island. It features a reimagined design of the ship, playground, wading pool/splash pad and more. The ship includes: cannons that spray a light mist, crow’s nests, swing bridges, port holes, rope nets, periscopes.
*An open pavilion and lawn for events.
*A perimeter walk
*Two fitness stations
*The Sandbox Children’s Museum
*Public restrooms

The playground is within easy walking distance to a Hilton Head Is. public beach via Coligny Beach Park (1 Coligny Circle)

Lowcountry Celebration Park
94 Pope Ave.
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928



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