New 2-day Saturday writing & art workshop for teens @ Savannah Cultural Arts Center

Abstract Creative Writing Savannah Saturday class

New 2-day (2 Saturdays) writing & art workshop for teens @ Savannah Cultural Arts Center

Let’s change everything you thought you knew about poetry, shall we?

This 2-day workshop for teens (taking place over 2 Saturdays) will focus on the rupture of form as well as genre. In other words, this is a hands-on workshop where we will be making things as well as writing them. As a group, we’ll observe and discuss collage, erasures, experimental and found poetry, playing with books that don’t look like books, and reading work that leaps off the page, literally. As individuals, students will be blacking out words, cutting things up, and plastering things together. Students are encouraged to get funky and think outside the box in this class. As a group, we’ll think about and define, for ourselves, what combining visual art, poetry, and storytelling can accomplish.

@ Savannah Cultural Arts Center (201 Montgomery St)

For ages 13-17

Sat. Nov 13 and Sat. Nov. 20 – 11:30AM-1:30PM

Parents – does this sound like fun? Join us in December for the adult creative writing workshop!

Ready to register? Sign up online here.

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