Savannah Holidays 2020: Gingerbread Trail & Competiton

Gingerbread trail Savannah


20th Anniversary Gingerbread Trail & Competition, Savannah
(Savannah Gingerbread Trail. Nov 28—Dec 25.

Find a map of Gingerbread Trail here. 

Unlike in years past when the gingerbread village was displayed at Westin Savannah on Hutchinson Is., this year the annual gingerbread tradition will be hosted by various businesses throughout downtown creating a new Gingerbread Trail.

Register as a youth group, family, business or in the Official Gingerbread Competition to win top prizes and support area charities.

Or register to host up to ten of the gingerbread houses. The Savannah Harbor Foundation will promote your business location and drive traffic directly to you. Create a special holiday offer like a gingerbread hot toddy or similar to maximize your sponsorship. The Build-Local Division is meant for non-profits, businesses, hotels, restaurants, shops and other businesses to build and showcase houses with a cash donation of $1000 made to the winner’s charity of choice.

Learn more here.


Find a map of Gingerbread Trail here. 

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